Stop Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Corruption

Other Parking Citations Received by Other Victims

This is just a quick summary of other parking citation abuses suffered by other people at the hands (or pens) of corrupt law enforcement. The following comments are personal opinions and stories by these people. This web site takes no responsibility for these comments. It is clear that there are many people who feel wronged and helpless to defend themselves. Unless we fight back, there is little to stop Parking Enforcement Officers from giving citations to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are actually illegally parked or even parked at all. These letters were received before the Forum section of this site was ready.

Los Angeles isn't the only city with corruption in Parking Enforcement. Other cities have corruption too.

Note: These are in oder of date, newest at the bottom.

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I have thoroughly read this article, and highly commend you for the detailed account and the lengths you went to....besides your full understanding of what their outrageous revenue game is there with their might-makes-right "parking enforcement"....and your on-target philosophical conclusions. I've been going through it with them for 3 months. (Last time I was in LA was 4 yrs ago for a day and a half, and before that only a total of about 4 days in my entire life.) What I have uncovered so far has blown my mind. I don't know how or why the people in Los Angeles have tolerated that crap for so long. (Lockheed Martin IMS Corp IS the LA Parking Violations Bureau, under contract with the city since 1994 for purpose of increasing city revenue and profits for its stockholders from their cut of the take on parking violations, be they valid or bogus such as yours.) Lockheed, using the City's name and city seal, sends all the idiotic "you lose" form letters. No one is accountable there in that racketeering game they've got going in parking enforcement....and as you experienced, there is a sweeping void of conscience. The City's hired hands and their superiors (like the stoneheaded ones deliberately writing wrongful tickets) work in concert with the PVB (Lockheed) whose methods and actions are downright unlawful. I've asked privately to others, "What planet are these people living on?" "Is all of Los Angeles filled with crazy people?" "Why hasn't there been an uprising there?"

My "story" isn't ready for publication yet, and is still not resolved as yours is (thanks to your tenacity). I would ask if you could put your "Los Angeles, Unsafe in Park" story, as is, on the consumer fraud website It's gotten much attention nationally, and there are countless stories of rip offs from all over the country.....everything from government agencies to car insurance companies, etc. The site's producer (who I know and have worked with) has been begging me to put my story of the LA parking enforcement rip off scam on the site, but I'd rather wait until more is resolved by my lawyers. (It involves almost $2,000.) What IS so good about the site is that it stirs reactions from others.......people who have been similarly victimized. The web site was begun 3 years ago and has mushroomed. If you click it on, you'll see what I mean. (No cost, of course, to put your story on it.).

The fellow who started it got royally screwed monetarily here in Arizona by local government and now offers everyone all over the world to tell their own stories of rip-offs from their personal experience. Again, thanks for taking the time to write your story.

Marilynn W. 7-17-02.

Hi, my name is Terri and I am in the middle of a parking ticket contestation similar to yours. I came up with your site when I searched under Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 80.69(a). I too received a parking ticket when I parked in front of an incorrect sign for no parking. My sign said no parking on Fridays and I received the ticket on a Tuesday. What I did not know was that there was supposed to be another sign on top which stated no parking, but that was missing from the sign that I took to be correct. So far I lost my appeal. The admistrative decision was that I should have been aware that the sign was incorrect. I am appealing it again, and now it is going to cost me $25 plus time off work. Maybe your letters will help me as I took them off your web site. Just wanted you to know there is another person frustrated with the bureaucracy out there.....Terri

Terri L. 8-10-02.

After reading through the horror story you outlined, I'm inclined to go direct to Superior Court to ask a judge to set aside a citation issued to me (under similar questionable circumstances); what materials have you developed in this area, since I'm starting the process of going through legal research and precedents. (The parking folks already ruled against me using a form letter (even when I requested certain specific types of information), and now I have 21 days to pay it, go to an administrative hearing, or (presumably) go to court).


peter R. 8-19-02.

In research on the Internet in preparation for the long delayed Administrative Hearing in Inglewood on three pending parking citations, I ran across your interesting web site. My series of tickets beginning last year primarily have to do with parking my motorcycles although the final citation was for an automobile with an alleged overtime parking meter violation.

Each citation has what I consider to be a fatal flaw in that the specific code and section violated is not shown on the ticket issued. There are additional cirucmstances on three of the citations which should lead to dismissals in the final analysis.

My score on the first three tickets is two dismissed, one taK. to Superior Court and overturned. Two of the more recent tickets are based on the same circumstances as the one that I took to court. The parking meter violation is being contested on the failure to list the specific code and section. I note that the Los Angeles Parking Ticket, unlike those issued currently in Inglewood, does show a Code and Section.

I certainly have no objection to being properly cited when I am illegally parked and I pay those citations without a murmur. I do object to improper citations as you did. If you would like, I'll let you know the outcome of my Administrative Hearing set on the remaining three tickets, set for May 22.

Oh, and I discovered that all of my preparation for the court hearing was for naught since the Inglewood City Attorney does not appear on court contested parking violations.

F. P. Russell, Jr. 5-15-03

Mr. L.,

Sir I have tried to read your letters to the city of LA and I have found I could not continue,,,the frustration level I was feeling was overwhelming. I really could sympathize with you. Recently I was issued a ticket early the morning of the city election last month.. I found a ticket on my car in my driveway for parking on my front yard, which was totally untrue. my driveway was being repaired on one side so my left side tires were actually stopped on my lawn. In any event I thought restricted parking was by notorious posting of signage imagine getting a ticket for parking on my own private property. I would appreciate any input from you.

. I actually saw those parking guys give tickets for unexpired parking on Colorado Blvd in OLD Towne... I wish I had a cam corder then.

K. Lee 6-19-03

hey friend thanks for posting your la ticket story

if you know of a lawyer who would be interested in trying to make a similar story into a class action suit (the whole process violates 4th amendment due process), than let me know.

otherwise, please know that your episode is inspiring...not just to me but probably to 100 other folks who don't have time to tell you so.

best wishes!

NL 8-27-03

Dear Mr. L.:

Since my truck got towed for parking tickets I am not only not guilty of, but have been fighting diligently, I am embarking on a full-scale assault to fight the rampant corruption within the PVB.

O. Matlin 1-19-04

I too was cited for parking tho the ticket said if i can show it was disabled car, then it would be waived...they ignored my documentattion and the ticket keeps going up to over 100 bucks now.....not fair

Unidentified 1-22-04

Hello K.,

What do you make of the common sight of "No Parking, street cleaning" signs that have white tape over the actual day and time parking is prohibited?

With no specific day and time how can one know when parking is prohibited?

Do you think the Parking Officers are putting tape on the signs? BTW, this does not stop them from ticketing.

Maybe I should remove the tape from the signs in front of a Parking Officer and see what happens?

G. Strickland 2-13-04


Please add my name to your list. I have had 3 of these...

K. G. Norton 3-19-04.

Hi what's up?

I happened to find your website on the net and found it interesting. I'm considering filing a lawsuit because I have been given parking tickets without the opportunity to fight them. What's going on with your activities relating to fighting the system?

enrique 4-3-04.

Dear Mr. L., I'm taking a chance that your account of your experience(s) with the City of Los Angeles' parking enforcement racket was not written "just for fun" as stated in the heading of your website. Seems about 2 years ago I read your detailed account and may have dropped you a line at that time.

The docket report of my two-year odyssey with the incredible City of Los Angeles (a case that wound up in federal court there -- US District Court, California Central District) can be reveiwed and accessed by any lawyer or anyone with a "Pacer" account. Web address is My case number is/was:03-cv-2819 if anyone is interested.

If you are seriously looking into a class action suit on behalf of all those who have been victimized in any number of ways from the unlawful, dishonest or unjust parking enforcement schemes of the City of Los Angeles, I would advise that you know well and fully trust the lawyer who will be representing you. By all means avoid unscrupulous Santa Monica "class action" lawyer David I. Lefkowitz or any of his associates. (Lefkowitz is unethical and dishonest and might try and seek you out as he did me and my lawyers.)

I imagine that the NBC News report for which you were recently interviewed must have been the scandalous reports that aired there on 2/19 and 2/20/04, researched by NBC4 investigative reporter Joel Grover, on the subject of the invisible and bleached-out "no parking" signage throughoutt the city.....existing like that for 10 years in many cases. Have there been any similar investigative reports since then?

I commend you for your continued interest in City of Los Angeles' parking enforcement. I am just grateful that I live far away from there....never again to set foot (much less wheels) in that corrupt city.

Marilynn W.
Mesa, Arizona

Hi, I too got a parking ticket which was not placed on my car. All of a sudden I got this delinquent notice with additional $130 on top of my $24.00 ticket. I wrote them a letter stating that I never recieved the ticket, however, I will pay for the ticket to resolve this issue but I will not pay for the additional $130 delinquent charges. They took the $24 and sent me a letter stating that they investigated and confirmed that the ticket is mine. How do I fight it? where do I go from here?

S. Kandasamy9-1-04

Hi, K.,

Yes, I. too, received a ticket for complying with two signs on the post near me, not knowing that on every other post there was a 3rd sign, requiring me to "curb my wheels", on a street that had such a gradual grade, I would never have though I was on a hill. This was, though, in West Hollywood. Although I protested the ticket with photos of "my sign", and conpared it to the next signs in either direction, and they said they would do a "field investigation", they still found that "the violation is valid", without giving me any explanation, whatsoever! In this particular case, though I was steaming mad, as you were, as the sign was still not replaced, and I just knew it was so some parking person could continue giving tickets there, my boss had paid for the citation, so I let it go.

This was also because I have been having my own running war with the City of LA for parking a trailer outside my house; being cited invalidly for being there over 72 hours (sometimes even a couple of hours after I have just moved it); being harassed by a very unstable parking lady (won't answer questions; won't look at me; just shouts accusations, who is "out to get me" (and, no, I'm NOT paranoid!); and having it towed twice which caused me to have to pay impound fees to get it out, all because of a neighbor 2 doors down, on a busy street, who thinks it "spoils the neighborhood", so calls relentlessly, causing the LAPD to do a "sweep" (this was admitted to me by the guy at the towyard). They didn't even ticket me (proving there was no violation), just impounded me. I requested a hearing in the very beginning, and no one ever contacted me. I'm supposed to be sent a notice to appeal the two, but it is never sent to me. Add to this, I had been given confliciting information by not only the DMV (I was told that a handicap sticker would exempt me from the 72 hour rule); then told, by a Parking Officer (supervisor), that the DMV was wrong, and also told that there was nothing illegal about having someone stay overnight in my vehicle. So I feel sorry for a VietNam Vet friend who has been given the runaround with disability benefits from the VA (talk about other government beurocracies), and let him stay, rent free in my trailer, while he's waiting for his checks, only to find out, when talking to LAPD, that THEY, instead, say that, NO, that's considered "overnight camping", and is, indeed, illegal, and that LA Parking is wrong. Then they explain to me, that for any parking issue, that the "most restrictive law" is correct, and that it is beholdent on me, the layperson, to figure out who to listen to, and if I am wrong, guess what, I'm SOL! The only advice I got from one policeman re: the nasty neighbor and the "sweep" was to "call my councilwoman"! (Please, tell me what happened to you when you contacted the Mayor -should I just skip my councilwoman?) So, that's what I was about to do (I haven't paid ANY of my tickets, by the way, the whole situation just became too overwhelming, and my husband was sick and dying), when I thought I'd search for anyone else who might be in my predicament, and I found YOU! (By the way, I live in Studio City, so I'll check out that sign you were cited for on Weddington).

So, in short, yeah, let's start an expose on these crooks!

And, keep me "posted" (if you'll excuse the pun!)

M. Kelley 10-19-04.

Hello K.,

I'd just like to be added to your list. I got a parking ticket on Thanksgiving morning for parking in the alley behind my apartment, while I was loading my car. While I was loading my car! While I was going up and down the stairs, I got a ticket in an alley with no signs.

There were no places to park, since the area i live in is in Korea Town, cars fill the street. I actually moved my car from Vermont to load my car. I was really angry that morning after the ticket, but I'll pay the ticket, since I have no resources to do otherwise.

Ollie B. 11-30-04.

Please add my name to your list, Thanks.
You did a stellar job on your case, I am learning a great from it for my own cause.

Malia S. 12-6-04.

Yesterday (12/24), I went to my mailbox and was surprised to find a collection notice for a supposed parking violation, commited almost a year ago (1/24/04), while my vehicle was parked in Los Angeles downtown. I was totally surprised as I've never seen this ticket on my car. Neither did I receive any subseqeunt notices, contrary to what this collection notice claimed.

Since the office is close, I tried to look up the citation to find out what the violation was (it just says "Display of"). Nowhere can I find any description of this citation, although I can get to an online payment option and the citation will come up for payment.

After reading about your experience, I become more convince that there must be some conspiracy by this private subcontractor to deliberately withheld this tickets, as well as not mail out notices (maybe even mail them to wrong addresses), in order to maximize their earning. I bet, they're getting a percentage of the collection. They probably also get more money when a citation is sent to collection.

The total amount is only $81.00 ($69.00 for fine & penalty and $12.00 for collection fee).

Ordinarily, it's not worth my time to even spend 10 minutes on this. It's tempting to just pay it and forget about it. But I'm really sick and tired of these corrupt City official conniving with private companies to milk the public illegally.

Also, I wonder if they're targeting specific profile. Those who will most likely not contest this and simply pay up. I wonder if owning a late model Lexus and living in Newport Beach in Orange County may have something to do with this as well.

It will be interesting to know how often this thing happen.

Andrew L. 12-25-04.

OK, you can post my message on your website. Just use my first name.

I believe I may actually be there. I found out what the ticket was for after calling them. It was for not having a front license plate (DMV only sent me one license plate). I don't know whether or not it was blown away but I didn't recall see anything beside the car that looks like a ticket.

The thing is, they claimed to have sent four previous notices to my P.O. box before the collection letter, which I never received. One or two misdelivery is credible, but all four not reaching me? I've not missed any other regular mails such as credit card & bank statements that are mailed to me regularly.

I bet this private contractors earn more money from late fines, penalties and collection fees. They also want to make sure that the deadlines for contesting the tickets have all passed before they mail their collection notice.

It's just wrong to make parking violation a money making private enterprise. Does this mean that to achieve their yearly business goals for revenue growth they will have to devise ways and means to encourage for violations?

Andrew L. 12-28-04

Hello K.,

I'm a writer/director living in LA. I just read your article online about how the LA parking patrol tried to scam you. Unfortunately, the reason I was looking for such an article is that I am in a similar situation at the moment. I don't want to take up too much of your time, but you might be the only one who can help me.

My situation is...
1. I committed no violation
2. A patrol attendant knew I committed no violation, yet decided to issue a citation after the fact, without my knowledge
3. I was fined additionally for late fees on a citation I never knew about
4. It took the city so long to tell me about the citation that I can supposedly no longer fight it

On November 30, 2004, I was moving a desk into my apartment in Los Angeles. My lease began December 1, so I wanted to have everything in the day before. I pulled my car into the alley behind my house and safely parked to the side of the road. I put my flashers on, just as a precaution, while we moved the desk. After about five minutes, my wife and I had the desk inside the apartment and I was ready to leave. I returned to my vehicle to find the LA parking patrol looking at my car. When I explained that I was moving a desk, the woman said harshly "You're lucky. Don't do it again." She drove off, and then I left to return to North Hollywood, where I was currently still living.

February 14, 2005, a citation was mailed to a former address of mine in Pennsylvania. [I had recently driven the car cross-country, and (at the time) had not registered for permanent residence in CA.] My parents forwarded the letter to me this past week, and I was furious to see what it said...

It said I owed $83.00 for a "standing in alley" citation on November 30. The letter gave no information on how to contest the citation, only how to pay. I called the hotline and talked to a rep who told me A) it is now too late to contest the citation, even though i was never made aware of it B) $43.00 of my fine were from late fees, which were the fault of LA taking 3 months to get in touch with Pennsylvania and C) municipal code 86.61 says that it is lawful to park in an alley to move "materials and people," which would include my desk.

I called again twice more, talking to 2 more reps, and all of them said that there is nothing I can do. Not one of them had sympathy for my situation, even though it was clear to them that I committed no violation.

WHAT DO I DO? I'm running out of options. If I don't pay within the next 10 days, the fine will double again. Any help you could give would mean the world to me, as I'm fighting a system that everyone tells me I can't beat. I'm not a rich man. I really could use that money. But, more importantly, I can't sleep at night. It bothers me to no end that we live amidst a system so corrupt. I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian M. 3-5-05


You can certainly add my case to your website. I think making a movie about this kind of thing would be something like "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas. :-) Better yet, I want to one day combine the efforts of people like you and me into an organization whose sole purpose is to reform LA's unconstitutional ticketing racket. I don't have the money for such a thing right now, but I've got things in the works, and who knows, if one of my films breaks it big...then why not? :-)

I'm going to pay the fine and then start a letter-writing campaign to fight for a refund on this ticket I never saw and late fees I never knew a thing about. We should keep in touch. I appreciate your support.

Sincerely, Brian M. 3-5-05


I mailed in the payment, as well as a separate letter showing evidence of my innocence and requesting an investigation with the goal of a refund. I'm sure they'll try to ignore me, but I plan to take a cue from "Shawshank Redemption" and write letters every month to anyone and everyone I can for the rest of my life until they eventually have to do something. :-)

-Brian M. 3-9-05

Hello Mr. L.,

My wife and I have been harassed in front of our own home with multiple parking tickets. In one instance when we confronted the parking enforcement officer, we found our tire slashed the following morning (same tire that was marked), and our second car had the parking light smashed. Of course, the evidence is purely circumstantial but highly coincidental, since we have never received any damage before until we threatened the officer with complaints. Do you know of any organized groups that are currently fighting to reform this department, or even better a class action suit. I also believe this department is corrupt and needs complete overhauling. The officers were very rude and threatening.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Bruce and Lenka L. 4-7-05.

Yes, you may add my name to your website if you would like. Please let me know if there is any group action that organizes to correct this abuse of our delegated authority. Parking enforcement as all enforcement agencies are aware that there greatest strength is our lack in time. This event is upsetting enough that I would seriously consider contributing monies in collaboration with others to seek a class action against this corrupt office. I know this is probably not a big case, but I think this would be a good fit for a junior attorney trying to get their feet wet with class actions, if anyone knows one of that description. Can you send me the link to your website? I was only able to connect to your cached site.

Thank you,
Bruce L. 4-8-05.

I was cited for parking violation on 28th November 2004, at Larrabee Street. The Citation Number was: 20173677. I felt that there were not enough signs to know that the parking spot was permit only. I immediately filed to contest this violation both on paper and then online.

Later I received a letter, dated 01/18/2005, titled "Reminder: Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation". I was surprised. I called the Customer Service Line. I was told that my appeal was under review and that I was sent a letter. I never received the mentioned letter. The person told me that I would be mailed the letter again.

I kept waiting for the result of my appeal until I received another letter, dated 04/05/2005, titled "Unpaid Parking Violation: Final Notice". The amount had also increased from $39 to $80.

I talked to the customer service again. The person told me that I gave the wrong address (didnt write down my apratment number) so I am responsible for not getting any letters and that I should pay up or the amount will continue to increase.

If the city can send me the reminder and final notice at the right address then why can't they send me the letter about the appeal at the correct address as well? I mean, I would have the amount, have I known that the appeal had been dealt with. I think the extra fee is unjustified. Also, the people I talked to at the Customer Service line were rude. I have already paid the original $39 (even though I still am not clear about the status of my appeal). They still want me to pay the late fee. They say there is nothing I could do about it as I made the mistake of not writing down my apartment number and now I have to pay for it.

I feel so upset.

Regards, Asfandyar K. 4-19-05


I glanced through your site. So you have contacted the Mayor's Office, talked to TV, ans still nothing?

Have you tried talking to your local representative?

This is the first time in 4 years since I came to America that I have come accross an Organization that has no regards for people (that they are supposedly serving). I just cant believe it. When I was trying to ask if I could speak to someone regarding the unjustified late fee penalty, I was told rudely that I cant do anything about it. The last person I talked to told me that I should pay up or the sity would keep billing me. It is so frustrating.

I havent even seen the review notices to my appeal.

Asfandyar. 4-19-05.

Sure. Add it to the site.

You mentioned a lawsuit. Can we not mobilize and start a campaign. We could raise funds. Get other people who have been abused by the LA Parking Dept. to come forward, and force an investigation.

I may have just bene ignorant, about the LA's Parking system, causing the ticket, but the way the Dept. treated me was unjustified. The people at the customer service are unbelievably rude.


I am thinking about starting a Yahoo Groups.

I will try to adevrtise it. You could put a link on your page too. We can try attracting more afectees and getting their stories and then try to do something concrete.


Check these pages out:

Would this be of any help?


I filed a complaint with the Department of Ombudsman.

They finally replied. They say they are looking into my case. I sugest that you do the same.


please, tell me more about how bad these people are. It's like they're Nazi, they have no compasion for anyone, they don't care. I'm almost sure they were beat up when they were children.

It's almost like they are a cult with no mercy. I get more lead way from the LAPD when i'm stoped. Do they work off a quota? enough is enough. We pay enough to live in this city and on top of getting a parking ticket makes it unpleasent. what city office is incharge of the parking violations? Mayor's office? Who. When LA city officals look for a change in peoples addtudes towars the way we see city workers they need to keep in mine that the parking officals are more of a pain, and a hinderence then help. We look towards LAPD as heros and firemen as people we can trust but the parking enforcment are just the basterds of the city who generate some sort of revanu for the city. I wouyld actualy be intrested in finding out who much theu bring in monthly as well as yearly.

I revived a ticket for being parked at least 10 feet from a fire hydrant, there was no red paint to indacate the proxcimity of how far i was, not like i carry a tape mesure to check my parking skills, everywhere else i look there is most always RED Paint to indacate how far i'm parked from the fire hydrant in this case there wasn't. Of course i have to pay for it now because they rejected my apeal. What the fuck, that's all i can say anymore, WHAT THE FUCK......................... Please get back to me at this email address --- SAL

Dear K.,

I am interested in seeing the department of parking violations totally banned in Los Angeles. An interesting thought, I would say. Are you interested in the same thing? Perhaps you could offer some suggestions on how to start. I was thinking of getting a copy of the laws that someone got passed somewhere along the line, and then getting petitions signed . . . .

Dorothy L. 11-2-05

Please add me to your list of frustrated Los Angelinos against the mob shakedown we call the Parking Violations Bureau!

Tara S. 11-29-05.

Without getting into a full description: I'll give you what i sent on my online citation then answer any questions.

Here i was parked in a zone right outside my apartment complex driveway with my pass displayed. A new neighbor from an adjacent complex had bought out a temporary pass (one of those written ones) for 10 - 2pm and posted them on the two car lengths in front of my car (the section between driveways holds 3 cars, I was in the last one that was not covered by her sign.) she complained even though my spot wasn't covered by her purchase. The cop wrote the ticket anyway while flirting with the girl, and he even write the accurate time down from her signs! After arguing with him to the point of admitting there was an error, ...still nothing. The girl even admitted that she called falsely. The officers quotable statement was : "I'm the parking king, I've removed your towing fee by calling off the tow truck, should be happy, you saved $250 bucks". I was so pissed, I snapped back, "i didn' SAVE anything I lost $40 because of your arrogant stupidity". He was nervous and knew he did wrong. I just said to the audience, "look hes scared cause he knows he's lying and dishonest, and he's afraid to get caught." it was quite humorous dispite how pissed I was.

This is only one of many abuses that I have heard of in my area. All my neighbors have at least one story of blatant abuse. Where are the news teams who 'uncover' or 'reveal' corruption? I would love to tell the story. I have 8 pictures taK. immediately after the officer put his car in gear and spead on his way. They tell an amazing fact of the corrupt parking officials.

please feel free to repost after taking out any revealing information.



P.S. just to add to the idiocracy, the supposed spots had two temporary signs for two different people on the same day with overlapping time brackets! Wouldn't it be interesting if both parties tried to use their supposed 'spot' for that day?

The exerpt from my comments on the online contest form from

The ticket states: "per complaint / tow away no parking 8am to 1pm." I have photos of both of the signs and none of them show that time bracket. The girl who "complained" was there when the officer wrote the ticket. She was trying to get us moved even though we were nowhere near her spot. When I pointed out that we weren't even parked in that girls zone and she had no right to call the tow truck on us, the officer told us that the ticket was already written and that we should contest it. (The fact that he was flirting with her didn't help his judgement either.)

I also have photos taK. of the car that clearly show: 1) closeups of the signs and temporary signs both of which state a different time zone mentioned on the citation; furthermore it shows 2) position of the signs in relation to my vehicle which is clearly not in the zone and its position clearly (two car lengths) away from the girls 'space'; 3) my car, the permit in it.

This ticket was issued in error! I have 8 different photographs showing the error. And I also have 3 witnesses to the event. I've been hearing about how unfair the west hollywood ticket 'police' are, how they even break the law by writing false tickets which have no way of being proved wrong....this is the first time I've witnessed this firsthand. The officer was rude and arrogant and admitted his error but blamed it on the fact that the ticket was already written. We, the citizens, pay taxes. The city of west hollywood shouldn't have to be unscrupulous or illegal to get money out of us. Lord knows if we (the citizens) had similar practices, and the shoe was on the other foot, we'd be thrown in jail or given a fine! Yet we have no DEFENSE against these crackpot ticket writers, who waste our time and money with the touch of a keypad.

Nevertheless, I will use my photographic evidence and witnesses to rectify this situation if this ticket is not dismissed. I'm also going to notify the news program which uncovers abusive public servants, who aren't fully serving the public, but only trying to make money for the city even if it requires dishonesty.

Sean K. 1-16-06.

I have yet another story.

I was parked legally in a full meter a few streets down while I ate breakfast with my wife at the (name omitted). When we came out, we had a ticket stating that we were: parking in a handicapped spot with no placard visible. There was no handicapp spot! I took digital photos of the spot the curb the signs everything...and now I have to contest that one.

When I was filling out the contestation, I also recognized was the same officer in my story below two weeks prior! I know he remembered me from before...coincidence?

Sean K. 2-3-06.

Here are the photos. I would just ask that you not reveal street names or the (name omitted) because it would be very easy to find our car on the odd chance someone was demented enough to find us. But you could use 'restaurant' and of course 'west hollywood' and if you dare 'officer davis' (at your discretion). I appreciate it. Good luck! I think what you're planning with this site is a VERY good thing.

Citation for Handicap without Handicap Signage
the "1" photo shows my recent endeavor. No markings whatsoever of handicap. I know for a fact that its not because I always go to (name omitted) and park in the vacinity. No curb markings, no meter marking, no signs, nothing. The construction stuff was placed there between when I got the ticket and when I took the photo.

The "7" photo is from my first 'altercation' with officer Davis (I emailed you an account of that one about 2 weeks ago). This photo clearly shows the last posted sign (on the tree) which wasn't even the complainers sign. She was just pissed that her moving truck didn't have a full runway to pull into her spot. Of course officer davis flirting with the young girl/model/actress wanted so bad to be a hero. As we waltzed out to move our car at the correct time...we found the grim scene,...Officer Davis directing the towtruck on where to tow us!

Seana K. 2-6-06.

Dear K.:

I would like to add my case to your website or collection to report a case of parking violation abused by City of Los Angeles. Here is my story:

I parked my car at a space near 972 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, near UCLA, Westwood area at 1:15 pm on January 9, 2006. The street allows cars parked for 2 hours between 8 am to 6 pm. When I returned at 3:15 pm, a ticket was on my windshild, indicating my car had parked there from 12:02 pm (the Time Marked) to 02:12 pm (Time Issued). Obviously, the parking enforcement officer just tried to fill his/her daily quota. Later I found a guy having his car parked in front of mine also got a ticket. He mentioned that he was abused by the same reason, ticketing to innocent people who parked legally.

After searching websites for many hours to find how to fight back such a corrupted practice, I feel encouraged to write to you about my story and tell the guy who got his ticket at the same time. But I feel discouraged to contest to the Parking Violation Bureau because reading many stories show that it will take too much time and energy to fight back via the regular manner. In addition, I have no way to prove that I parked my car between 1:15 to 3:15 pm. So I deceided to just pay the fine for $30, but do other tasks to fight it back.

I respect you that you are providing a way to fight back for justice and American spirit, against the corrupted city agency and practice. Do you mind giving your name, website address (, and e-mail address to those who might have been abused by LA Parking Enforcement Officers? When more cases are compiled, as what you indicated at the end of your website, a class law suit against those who have been wrongly enforcing parking law may be possible. Thanks for your good work.

Best regards,

Rong Y. 1-27-06.

I am a traffic officer employed by the city of L.A.

Although there are no daily quotas, the dept. will pay overtime pay at the rate of time and one half, for any officer who writes min 8 tickets per hour. Have been advised to be aggressive. e.g; cite vehicles even when occupied by driver, as opposed to asking motorist to move, as we were told in training.

Also I have been pressured by Lieut. to impound vehicles that according to city policy should have been only cited.

Recently the City learned that the \"parking over 72 hours\", LAMC 80.73.2 , impound law was written incorrectly. As of now not being enforced. Corrected law to go in effect July 2006. Who knows how many vehicles have been impounded incorrectly. Shouldn\'t the City refund those impound fees.

That\'s all for now. If interested in more, send reply

from "Don\'t want to be bad Traffic Officer" 6-30-06

ps. I returned to England to see my family and when I got back I saw a ticket in the mail which doubled in price on Oct. 11. I called up to pay on October 12 and explained that I had been out of the country and was told "tough luck, the city does not recognize that excuse, you cannot appeal." It was the first I had known about the downtown ticket as there was no ticket on my windshield and the letter saying the ticket would be doubled was sent Sept. 27 and enforced Oct. 12. Whatever happened to 21 days?

Nick 10-15-06

I parked in a street with signs of no parking on thursday and on the other side no parking on fridays. All of a sudden one day they changed the signs to \"no parking anytime\" with no notice. I got a ticket, I called them and they said they put up notice before changing the signs, I never saw a notice.

Oscar 2-14-07

I have found a clear and consistent pattern of illegal issuance of tickets throughout the Greater Los Angeles region (including Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Hollywood, and L.A. proper) The common denominator in these cases is the Parking Enforcement vendor (LCD Parking Services) which is a private, for profit entity. As a result, I am actively researching the possibility of a class action suit against all local jurisdictions using LCD for Parking Enforcement. What I\'d like to know is what you\'ve done to date? Have you contacted any local attorneys? Has anyone expressed an interest in handling this case?

As was the case with your ticket, I was given several tickets which were wrongfully issued, and the jurisdictions in question refused my appeals in spite of photos demonstrating their gross oversights in originally issuing the tickets. I withheld payment, which subsequently lead the City of West Hollywood to garnish my 2006 California Income Tax return (in the amount of $250) to cover tickets. Further, my vehicle registration was withheld for 2007, causing potential further fines.

It is my contention that local officials have conspired to orchestrate events to avoid a losing lawsuit, as I am a politically active, and vocal opponent of many local Democratic Party officials. I believe they\'ve attempted to craft a strategy, whereby the only jurisdiction I didn\'t appeal was the jurisdiction tasked with withholding the sums in question, thereby creating cause for their argument that I didn\'t properly see the system through.

I\'d be very interested in speaking with you further to discuss your own situation and the actions you\'ve taK. to date.


Robert. B.

I was sent a notice in August 2007 that a ticket I never got in May 2007 went into penalty and is now $174. I was at work in Santa Monica at the time the ticket was issued in Marina del Rey. The car was registered under my mother\'s name Gitty Rahbar and she tried fighting it to no avail. A couple of years ago I got another one on Melsose when I was at work in West LA. I have a feeling somebody has my/car information and fills out a ticket when quota his/her is short and don\'t know where to go to file a complaint.

Nickaun V. 9-13-07

i found your website while researching confusing street signs that cause one\'s car to be impounded. this happened to me last night just south of hollywood blvd on ivar. there were three signs posted: 2hr parking 8to 6 m-f, no parking 6pm to 3am sunday only and a temporary no parking monday only sign. i parked on ivar on saturday night at 7:30pm, clearly thinking i was abiding by street sign regulations. the catch was another sign posted on each corner of the block but not within sight if one parks in the middle of the block. this sign said no parking from 6pm to 3am and didn\'t state any day. in other words, no cars were allowed to park on the street any day between those hours. it was impossible to see the sign the way i parked AND when i walked toward hollywood blvd, the sign on that corner faces north, coincidently the same direction i was walking!!!

i am returning to take photos of the area during the day. a security guard from a nearby danceclub/bar said that the confusing signs always catch parkers unaware and the city tows batches of cars 3to 4 nights a week! i wasn\'t the only one standing on the block last night angry and frustrated, there were two other people whose cars had been towed and who were equally as confused as i about the unclear signs.

do you think i have a case against the city? i am also going to photograph clearly marked streets with similar parking limitations that i am familiar with. if i recall correctly, these streets have signs posted on EVERY post not just on each corner. how ridiculous is that?!

your advice would be greatly appreciated. also, any tips you have as far as how to address the department of transportation hollywood division would be great.

thank you,

M. Flores 9-23-07

This is 3rd time I am getting a parking ticket in LA.

First time I got it in a mistake and since I was parked in a parking lot at that time they accepted it as a proof after freaking 3-4 letters to them since its impossible to reach them by phone.

Second time I parked on the hills where you can see the sunset and about 20 minutes after sunset they gave a ticket for $50 - which I paid and now they send me amount due $60 since apparently I did not pay on time. HERE\'S A CATCH - most collection agencies are not allowed to take interest of more than 15% annually. this is more than 100% monthly. It is clearly illegal.

Third time - same day I parked in Santa Monica where parking meters were always free after 10PM - yet it appeared they changed them to 2AM. Got a ticket for $35.

Please let me know if there\'s a class action for anything they do and if I can join.

N. Petrov 11-6-07

Wrongly ticketed a full car length from the red zone. Appeal denied b/c street sign was not included (despite prominent landmarks). received letter to pay and option to request hearing with five days before day date remaining. paid ticket and requested hearing. hearig denied b/c payment 1 day late and additional penalties of $100 added. etc. etc. etc.

P. Horn 12-11-07

YOu and I spoke last year. I\'d like to follow-up, as my refusal to pay tix issued without a violation has resulted in my car being impounded and I\'m now attempting tolocate an attorney to address the immediate issue, as well as the underlying issues.

R. Boleyn 12-13-07

(This is a criticism of this web site from a nameless individual:)

This message is from , (not stated)

Do you realize how much time and energy you\'re wasting on this? There are a million other people who get tickets and everyone has a reason or excuse.

I'm sorry but creating a website to trash someones job doesn\'t seem fair. You went through what you went through, get over it. We all make mistakes.

S-Pk 12     1-8-08

To this, I can only say, Where would we be if George Washington or Patrick Henry had just paid the tea tax and gotten over it. They want us to pay the extortion money and get over it. A lot of innocent people are hurt by these false charges and "getting over it" only allows it to continue. Wrong is wrong, even when wearing a uniform and a badge. A bully is a bully regardless of position. The officer who gave me my ticket didn't make a mistake, he knew the sign was wrong.

Gilbert Marquez simply said, "Get over it loser."

Since I won, not lost, I guess he's the loser. Anyway, that's what these crooks what us to do, pay for thier mistake or criminal act, and get over it.

If you decide to pursue a class action suit, I am in! I don\'t want money but I would love for the parking folks in Los Angeles to be forced to follow the law. I was sent parking citations at two separate times. And yes I was guilty. So I paid the fines both times, ON TIME. BOTH TIMES, I WAS SENT LATE NOTICES. The first, I ignored. Then I got sent another. I called, wrote, let them know it was their mistake. Then I tried to contest the late fee, they said I couldn\'t. I wrote them a letter saying they were denying me due process because while it may be too late to contest the parking violation, the late fee was NEW and therefore I was well within my 21 days.
They said I COULDN'T protest a late fee.

Now I've been sent another.
It was issued 11/19/07.
I was sent a notice 12/12/07. You'll note that they didn\'t send the notice until after 21 days.
It said it needed to be paid before 12/26/07. 50 dollars. or else it would double to 100.
I paid before then, over a week before, not close to 12/26/07.
Yet I was sent a late notice on 1/23/08, saying I now owed 60 dollars, the 50 late fee plus an additional 10 dollars although no explanation was given for the extra 10.

I am currently trying to find some municipal code or something, regarding late fees, as I feel they need to show 'liquidated damages' to collect these. there are codes concerning liquidated damages on rental late fees, and I was trying to find similar on parking. no luck yet.

mostly I don't understand how a company can charge late fees when something isn't late, and give the citizen NO way to contest these fees.

good luck on the class action suit,
Jessica 2-1-08

Have you found any helpful people at the PVB? any one with any responsibility? I have spoken with several very rude and abusive bureaucrats and the main supervisor must spend his time at the office on the links.

any insight would help- this is by far the worst office I have ever had to deal with. I completely understand why this site is here.

thanks, Claude 2-9-08

On two occasions, both within the past 6 months, I have received notices for tickets that I was never issued in LA and Pasadena. I've never been to LA or Pasadena! I live in Monterey.

The first time this happened, I gave them the benefit of the doubt - possibly an error - but twice in 6 months? That's inexcusable. I've contested both tickets - I suspect the meter maids are issuing phantom tickets.

Jason: 2-18-08

i received a parking ticket. i sent the payment in the mail, and the parking office did not receive it. when i got a notice saying that i would be charged double if not paid, i promptly went to the parking office and paid for the citation. i asked them what would happen to the check, and they told me that if they ever found the check, they would cross reference the citation, and send me my check back since the citation had already been paid for. they found the check 5 months later, and tried to deposit it. i had the foresight to put a stop payment on the check, so it was returned unpayable (cause it had already been paid). I get a notice from the parking offce 6 months later that Iowe them $35 for a returned check fee on a citation that has already been paid. So now, I went to the parking office and explained everything and took my evidence. Of course, they are trying to tell me I am at fault, so I filed an administrative review. Such bastards! They said they don't have the man power to check each payment to see if it had already been paid or not, but they sure have enouch man power to charge BS fees for their mistakes.

neesha s: 2-29-08

hey just came across your site. Wanted to let you I think its great. My disgust with the PVB started in a similar manner when I received a ticket. I fought it and eventually received a refund, but its a huge pain in the ass to do. Even after I went to court and won the appeal the PVB refused to pay me claiming they never received anything from the court. It took sending another copy certified to get my money. If there is anything I can do to help support the site let know.

Sep: 3-4-08

I paid my parking ticket with a VISA Card at 10:00 pm on 3/23/08 to avoid additional penalties Via Internet site.

The LA City Internet site gave me a fraudulent receipt indicating I made the payment on 3/24/08 7:40 PM so the City could justify additional penalties the City of LS was not entitled to collect.

This is fraud. I need a refund of $24.00. This frauduent activity needs to be stopped.

Please advise

P. Bartley: 3-24-08

I got parking ticket while inside hardware store. came out to gey in pickup. I told the meter maid my disabled placard was hanging on the mmirror. he ignord me, wrote sommething and I recieved an expired meter two weeks later on the expired meter. I sent a copy of my I.D and Photot of Placard and was told they had not recived it m that it the placard I.D was not in the letter sent to the Parfking violation bureaau. The guy that wrote the ticket saw me and I told him about the placard but he ignored me so my coopertion was in vain.

A. Tafoya: 4-3-08

I paid for a ticket online which i was at fault for, but only when i was online did i see an additional citation for the morninig of may 5th 2008. I was parked in a no parking 7-9am zone, however I had left at 6:30 am for work. There was no citation on my car. I can\'t ultimatly prove that I had left at 6:30 so its my word against theres. But there are security cameras on this street in downtown, which can prove my car was not there on or after 7am, the refuse to look. They have stolen money from me, and I want to fight it on principal alone. ideas?

David M.: 5-19-08

I just wanted to report one of your employees who switched lanes into the carpool lane and cut me of at about 90 mph. He crossed over the double yellow lines and was traveling well over 100 mph after that, Not to mention he was by himself in the carpool lane. His license plate # 1263025 55- 01744

Michael W.: 5-20-08

Although I have no doubt that you have received a great deal of support for your website from other viewers, I would also like to commend you for speaking out. I have just recently been under similar circumstances, and when I asked the city for answers, all they could say was that my ONLY option was to pay a ticket. I\'ve always been excellent at paying tickets when I knew about them and they were clearly a violation of law, but this particular ticket was unwarranted and improperly served, so I wasn't notified of it until fines had accrued. When I asked for numbers, names, and supervisors, they simply kept repeating to pay it, and there were no other alternatives. She clearly was reading off a script and nothing more. I got the number for the adjudication department so that I could report the badge number of the parking official and the "customer service" woman who performed anything but that, but conveniently enough, it\'s impossible to reach them. Now I'm simply left with anger and a feeling of the anxiety because it seems clear these parking officials have "cart blanche" authority to do whatever they want. It\'s scary and frustrating, so to see your website at least reminds me that there are other people willing to fight for their rights and the principle of checks and balances. So, for whatever it\'s worth, thank you.

Kady B.: 5-22-08

I would like to add my name to your list for a possible future lawsuit against parking enforcement. On July 3, 2008, I received a parking ticket for an expired meter that had 11 minutes left on it. I have made phone calls and sent photographs and letters to indifferent city officials. I now am waiting for a court date (for a $40.00 fine like yours) and will have to take a day off of work (I teach, so our tax dollars will have to pay for a substitute). I am currently trying to get an investigation of the parking officer for lying (he \"swore up and down the meter was on zero\" to his supervisor). I am truly disgusted with a system that does not protect honest people.

Denise A.: 8-24-08

This page says it was last updated over two years ago; are you still compiling names?

I have gotten 2 illegal fines from the parking violations bureau this summer. The first, they filled in the wrong amount on the ticket, I paid it on time, and now they think I owe them more. I think I paid them what they fined me. Can't be tried twice for the smae crime, or so I thought..?

The second one - I was ticketed for parking in a street cleaning zone one day at 10:11 AM, and again-although the citation was never actually put on my car-at 10:27 AM. Two different locations, 5 feet apart, all while I lay in bed sleeping thinking it wasn't street cleaning day. Lucky me. And again, because I paid my ticket on time, the one that never was actually put on my car is the only one they can see in their system and so they say it\'s valid.

The supervisors are always "in meetings". No one calls you back when you say you're available, and half the time they don't mail you the paperwork they tell you is on the way.

Their incompetence is shocking.

Thanks for the place to vent. I hope some day we can get a break from this horrible bunch of thieves.

Laura M.: 8-27-08

Dude, i received 2 tickets on the 18th of february, knowingly i saw the sign said no parking 10am to 12noon, but what got me was when i looked at my tickets, it says time issued: 12:42pm, time issued: 12:45 pm, on the other one... so here i am today walking out to get a photograph of the sign for my attorney because they cant issue me a ticket for the wrong time right? and they changed the fucking sign to no parking 12noon to 2pm! so wTF!!! this is corrupted bullshit man. what the fuck do they think they are trying to pull here? this is not how our state is going to get out of debt by corrupt parking ticket officers. my attorney is going to fight this for me free of charge, i'm not forking out 120$ FOR something that i'm getting scammed into.

Kris: 3-2-09

I recently had my car ticketed and towed. My parking permit had never been taken down from the mirror. Yet when I went to pick up my car, it was on the floor covered up by an obviously well placed piece of paper.

While this proved I had the right to park there, I was too late to get my money back (10 day rule I didn't know about).

My buddy has caught these roaches breaking into his car to remove his handicap placard from his mirror and stopped them. Is ther anything we can do to stop this stuff?

We tried to stick up for some other folks who were being towed. The tow-truck driver had just arrived when the girls came back to their ticketed car. The driver is not supposed to tow if the equipment is not attached. He continued attaching the hoist and then asked them for $80 cash to take it down. That's when I stepped in. I had them take their money back and use a credit card so they could have a receipt. The driver wouldn't do it. The cops were called. The cop said he was too busy to deal with the situation and that it was our word over the tow truck drivers. The cop drove away. By this time (40 minutes later) about 7 roach parking enforcement vehicles had showed up... The driver towed the vehicle despite the law and the girls were stranded till morning. No receipt. This is bribery in case you didn't catch that. More importantly, afterward the roaches hung around and followed my friend when he tried to leave, driving by every 30 seconds to try and locate his car and shining their flashlight in his face. Took 45 minutes before they stopped. I told him to wait because I was sure they were gonna do something with his car, tow and ticket it later on. I can't believe we were stalked by the parking agency. What's the difference between Blackwater, who have the power to make police stand down, and parking enforcement who if you assault them it\'s the same as assaulting a police officer?

I'm pissed!

Clint: 4-8-09

The worse part is when they give you a ticket despite an error on their part.

Usually, it's a sign that's misposted, a defective meter, or a curb that is not freshly painted and you can't even see the color.

Also, when they state that a Street Cleaner is suppose to come - the cleaner never comes! What's the purpose of having everyone move their cars to the opposite side if the Street Cleaner truck never does its job?

It's profound stupidity on the part of the municipal government filled with people who couldn't make it in the real world.

I'm supporting you!

Your friend,


Tim: 4-17-09

My contest letter to the bureau:


My car was aligned almost perfectly with the meter, which I incidentally overpaid (meter did not read 3 of my quarters). My car was also parked inches behind the previously parked vehicle. I received a ticket anyway for Red zone (bumper). I understand the city of LA always needs additional funds, but I can assure you I need the $78 as it cuts into my lowered $3/day food budget. Please forgive this ticket, so I can forgive the city back for what I can only see as an error in curb painting (shouldn't the meter-to-red 'clear curb' area be long enough to fit an average size car like mine???) Shouldn't the fact that my front bumper aligned with the meter, and parking only inches from the car in front of me be enough? I used sensible rule-abiding logic when making the decision to park there. PS - I haven't charged the city for all the quarters the LA meters have eaten - It's probably $8 or $9 if you're curious. Please see enclosed photos of 'the scene'.

James B.: 4-19-09

On Sat. 4/18, I came home to find my car gone from front of house. .neighbor walked over and said, "a LA PE just towed your car . .we try to stop them but would not listen." I had a PO friend called and he was told my car was towed because my registration was expired .today, I went over w/ proof of registration and they changed the story on me .they claimed my car was parked outside my home for "more than 72hrs". ... mind you there is no sign posted anywhere & no "warning notice" was posted on windshield. I confronted them w/D facts ...they said "we could leave a 'courtesy' note on your windshield but we don't have to" . .apparently my neighbor called to report my car because he has about 8 cars & not enough space on his driveway to park his extra cars and needed "street space" .LAPE could not prove their point but still charged me $300 to release the car . .I can't believe such BS!! And the US Gov. has the nerve to pass judgment on other countries for "corruption" . .we have it right in our own back yards!

Maria: 4-20-09

So sorry SLAPEC for not responding to your comment . .I forgot all about my "gmail" email account :(

It gets even better . .I did filed an appeal and went before the "appeal's board" . .not to bother you with too much detail, after sitting in front of the "board" (whom by the way seemed to be friends w/the officer who towed my car) for about an hour . .they told me "even though I had paid for my registration and my car was "legally parked", they could not reimburse my $300 because I had not completed my smog check . .I told them, "while that is a true fact, I filed an extension and it has not expired yet" .. their reply was "well the extension is a courtesy to you but you are still in violation because you have not provided the smog check paperwork yet" . .the lesson I learned from this ordeal is that, once the government has your money they will do everything in their power not to give it back!!

I have since moved on and use this as another lesson in life . . .

Good day!

Maria: 6-19-09

New one, already. I live in South pasadena & got a "Phantom ticket" in the mail for being parked somewhere where I wasn't - I got 2 of those type of tickets in the mail before from LA, but not since 2001. These lowlives must really need the bread.

No point in disputing, I told them I didn't park there, but we all know city workers are robots programed to say you're wrong, they don't listen, they don't read, and they pass the buck. The woman on the phone did all of the above - even changing her story, and contradicting herself along the way - and sounding like she was enjoying herself.

Most blogs regarding ticket victims say "just pay". That's the society we live in now - get stepped on and accept it. The old days of the led pipe to the knees of the corrupt are long gone. The sad part is, that system worked. Think, we wouldn't have these banking problems if the general population weren't such gullible passive sheep willing to let someone rip them off - there would be blood. My temper is boiled over from so many undeserved setbacks, and can't take another minute of it - so I have to pay all of these fines. I have to resort to sheep mentality to get the corrupt monkeys off my back. Sucks. Another lesson where I learned nothing.


JB: 4-23-09

Listen to this outrageous tale. I parked my car underneath a sign that said "2 Hour Parking, Meter Enforced 9 AM to 5 PM, Free Parking All Other Times". I had to run into the bank and it was about 8:30 AM at the time, so I did not fill the meter. Upon returning, there was a parking enforcement officer in the process of filling out a ticket. I pointed out the sign right above my car and the officer checked her watch and agreed with me that there was no cause for a ticket so she tore it up and threw it into the trash. I subsequently had to leave town for about 6 weeks and when I got back, there were a couple of notices in my mail regarding an outstanding parking violation. I wrote up an extensive report including photographs of the sign and pointed out that a ticket would not have been issued to me at 8:55 AM when the rule does not apply until 9:00 AM. They returned my challenge stating that because I had "waited" over 21 days from the citation, I was no longer eligible to challenge my ticket. After 6 months of arguing with them on the phone, I finally paid the $126 that I never should have owed. The point here is that I have these notices with a time of 8:55 AM and I know for a fact the meters do not have to be filled until 9:00 AM. Basically, I guarantee the parking hotline people agree with me but because of a technicality, I ended up getting screwed. This should never happen.

Dan G. : 4-27-09

On 5/23/2009 LA Parking Enforcement ticketed my vehicle that was parked in front of my residence. It was a saturday night, there were no additional no parking signs hung; the only time I cannot park in that space is tuesday mornigns from 8-10 AM. The kicker is that I have an annual parking tag for my neighborhood which doesn't expire until 10/2009. I called PVB to contest it, Their operator refused to take my permit number and was condescending when I said that I wanted to contest the citation. upon demanding it she identified herself as Luce operator #296 "don't know is that was a real answer". I received a letter the other day stating that PVB considers the ticket valid. How I don't know. I have no intention of paying this extortion does anyone have any avenues for fighting this?

Darren S. : 6-2-09

(follow up) I just posted my experience with PVB. No sooner did I send that letter than I got a call from the city, from the department of transportation saying that the ticket is cancelled. When I got the letter from PVB over the weekend saying that I had to pay the fine before I could contest the ticket I went ballistic, instead of breaking something I started writing. Amongst the various groups I emailed were the office(s) of the mayor and the city attorney. In those emails I supplied them with scans of the letter from the PVB as well as photos of my permit and the signs on my street.

Given the quick response and the information the person from the Dept. of Transportation was looking at, she must have gotten that information from one of those two emails.

So, I would say if anyone has a clear cut mis gotten ticket and the PVB is doing nothing, go to their bosses at city hall.

Of course in my email I did drop the E Bomb (what the PVB was trying to do was Extortion, plain and simple)

Hope this helps someone.

Darren S. : 6-2-09

(follow up) I wanted to wait until I had the letter in my hand saying that my ticket was cancelled. If my experience will help others go ahead and post it. I do have to say that I was unhappy dealing with the PVB, however, when the city became involved they were curtious and helpful. For anyone hitting the wall with PVB when they are in the right, go around them and go right to the office of the mayor and the office of the city attorney.

Darren S. : 6-11-09

I would like to add my name to the list with a story as well. My story is simple - I received a parking citation for being parked in a red zone, even though I wasn't. I photographed my car not in the red zone, and sent in the photo to contest the ticket (I would have contested in person, but I was moving back to Nevada 2 days after receiving the ticket and therefore wasn't able to go to the office). They returned a letter saying my appeal had been denied, but did not give me a reason. The photo clearly showed my car not parked in the red zone, so I don't know what the problem could have been that I could correct in a second appeal. Instead, I must pay the $78 that I don't have to a city I don't live in.

Lily S.: 6-15-09

thank you for this site. it is about time the citizens of LA stand up and stop getting pilfered by our own government. i've actually tested this street cleaning nonsense and it is all about the profiteering, they only actually clean the street about half the time. despicable.

Amanda: 6-17-09

Just wanted to thank you for the great site. My car was towed twice for parking violations. I find that LA is the most confusing of cities in the US to park. My wife's car was towed today from a side street in West Hollywood. We paid the meter and noticed the green parking from 8-6PM sign, but there was a red "tow away" sign obscured by a tree branch. I went to inspect the meters near where the car was towed and noticed that there were stickers that were placed on some meter that said no parking after 6PM that was obviously placed by local residents. Many of the stickers were partially removed as well (possibly by the towing companies or parking attendants.)

A few months ago, the car was towed in downtown after 4PM due to a similar obstruction. I wrote a letter to Wendy Greuel a few months back, but did not receive a response.

Are you aware of intentional action by the city/LADOT on using confusing parking signage or not posting valid times on the meters? Would you reccommend a letter to the mayor? Your site should lobby for a citizen's petition to make the city more user friendly and less of a revenue source for the city.

Leon B.: 7-30-09

I've been working at home on my computer for the last year since the magazine publication business has taken a big hit with the economy. I haven't driven my car as much because of the gas prices, and only wash it if I have to be somewhere for work. So, the car was filthy but I still drove my dogs to the dog park late at night 2-3 times a week.

Cut to the main part, I found my car had disappeared from in front of my house at 2.30 this afternoon! At first, I thought the car had been stolen and called the local station, but then my neighbor told me that this one traffic cop, that been looking at my car really closely in the last couple of weeks, got the car towed and impounded at around 12. Apparently, the reason was that I hadn't moved it in 72 hours. My car is registered to a nearby mail box (since mail was getting stolen from time to time last year), but I washed my car day before yesterday and I drove my car late last night. It seems unfair that now I have to pay $248 fee to get the car out with an additional $36 each day! Is there any way to contest this, or sue the lapd for the fees after I get the car out?

Hikari T.: 9-5-09

I had pulled alongside a red curb to let my daughter out of the car, she was going to the bank. I watched her safely go into the bank and as I looked into my side view mirror to look for oncoming traffic so i could pull out, I noticed a parking enforcment guy walk up to my car and block my rear so i couldn't back out. Little did he know that I had enough room to turn my wheels sharply and avoid the Fed Ex truck that was parked in the red ahead of me. I didn't park my car, did not turn the engine off, did not leave my car for a second, but guess what. I got a ticket in the mail for parking in a red zone and acording to the citation, "the vehicle was parked and no one inside"!

Anthony O.: 10-1-09

I have a story I wanted to post but didn\'t see anyway to do it, so I am sending to you.

Reading through the stories on your site, I am on the fence between real frustration and relief that I am not alone. I planned to fight my ticket but I didn't make the time, not to mention I am geographically undesirabe. I moved to Riverside county 8 years ago.

Thanks for doing this.


I was picking up my daughter from a concert at NOKIA on a Friday night around 10:30PM. I was happy to find an open parking space on Olympic and with a meter that takes credit cards. I wrongly assumed that the meter would list any restrictions. I wrongly asssumed there weren't any restrictions because all the other spaces were filled with cars. It turns out that there was a restriction. It was a limo/taxi zone at that time of night. The sign was several spaces behind my car. I didn't look in that direction. I expected the signs would be near and in view of the parking meter. My mistake using logical thinking.

This seems very wrong and possibly illegal. How can the meter take my payment during a restricted time? Basically I paid to get a parking ticket. Seems worthy of a class action suit.

Jean: 10-31-09

I'm a student at the University of Southern California, and came across your Web site as I was researching for a broadcast story I on which I was working regarding L.A. Parking Enforcement. I believe the following link may be of value, and I would ask that you send it along to anyone interested or involved in your Web site?" submitters and all?" due to its significance. Although this is technically a "student" piece, there is a tremendous amount of pull through various media who are now covering such stories. Still, the more views, the better.

Also, any Tweets would be very much appreciated.

Please, if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, let me know.

Thank you!

Matt S.: 11-1-09

Recently I heard a complain from a friend who hadn't physically recieved a ticketed but, had recieved a notice saying it had doubled. He was pretty angry about it. The ticket had went up to $500 in a 30 day period.

Well, I was downtown and with my handicap placard pulled over to the curb briefly. The parking enforcment pull near the rear of my vehical just as I was pull off. They never got out or pulled to the front to see my placard. They backed up and left. I received a notice late saying my parking violation had doubled. Luck for me the mail carrier was seen it and wrote a letter to verify the letter came late; however they ignored the letter.

Their argument is that I did not submitt the dispute within the 21 days. Why is that? Because this is the new game. If you are not handed the ticket or it\'s not put onto you vehicle, you never know you have it until the 21 days is up!!then they wait until the ticket doubles before they send you a notice.

I plan on filing a lawsuit.

J. Schuller: 12-2-09

I received a parking ticket for 9/10/09 for expired registration on my car while "supposedly" being parked at 1164 W. 37th Street Los Angeles. I have not been in Los Angeles in 10 years.

G. Behrmann: 1-4-10
I was surprised to see experiences such as mine on your site.

This seems like Due Process Violation or even something worse. To my surprise ( Please read attached internet findings) Los Angeles City Parking Services is issuing tickets to innocents and then threatening to seize their cars. I was a recent victim of their oversight. My car has been parked in San Bernardino, where I live at the same spot since August 2009, due to Engine gasket blow-out. Yet, I was sent notice that in October 2009, I violated code by parking in LA in no-parking zone. They sent me letter during Thanks Giving Holidays and gave me a very less period to appeal, which was denied because they did not receive in time. Recently collection agency threatened to seize my car. $55 ticket in few months has more than doubled to $144.00

After researching on net, I found that I am not alone but many are victim of this Los Angeles parking enforcement system, which makes it impossible to contest citation. I am sending copy of this to the Mayor?Ts office and requesting investigation as well as submitting this to a If City Govt. starts targeting innocents for their revenue generation schemes, Please advice, what else can be done to stop this?

Tendulkar: 1-25-10

i got parking ticket violation because of meter expires. my question is how can be a meter expires if it is defective and it is very clear that their is an illegal activity here. i contest the city of los angeles and they said my complain was valid and i can refund my 4 quarters that i droped in parking meter.Can i sue the city for this illegal activity

aniceto s.: 1-25-10

You are right, I think the L.A. parking enforcement are a big waste. From how they dont do anything productive to how they encourage you to pay the ticket and not to contest it. I dont have a problem paying a citation when I didnt pay attention to a sign or didnt put enough time on a meter but I got wrongfully cited for \"double parking\". Im not going to let this one go, if I do they will just keep on getting away with it. It really upsets me that I have to waste time on the phone trying to talk to someone and write a complaint but I will. Im glad I found this page, lets me know im not alone

Benjamin: 1-26-10

i am dealing with these people at the moment. I\'m about to go to court and have a hearing over one of there tickets that they slapped me with. They are Nazis and must be stopped! The part of LA i live in, has horrible parking and is what i consider to be a parking trap. in that all the signs and meters are set up in a way that you will get a ticket. No one does anything about it or says anything about it.

Jerry P.: 2-1-10

We live in K-town. 8th and vermont. but i also work near the Grove on Beverly and it's just as bad there. they've changed sundays and saturdays and now they are charging people. They chalk the tires every where in LA and expect people to move there cars every hour? How is that even possible? Now, they send me tickets in the mail because they "were not able to place it on my vehicle"? what kind of crap is that?

Jerry P.: 2-5-10

Today I parked on 9th Street in downtown LA in violation of a sign that said \"Tow Away:7-9am; 3-7pm\" - of course I parked my car there at 8:00 am because I did not double check the sign based on my past experience thinking it was only prohibited in the afternoon (I was wrong). However close to 8:20am I came outside and saw the parking officer was in the middle of writing me a ticket (warranted) but then simultaneously a tow-truck driver was trying to connect my car tho his tow. I told him that I would move my car and said I had to pay $209 there on the spot for my car to be released and that they just do what parking enforcement says because they are hired by the city. So I got a $80 ticket due at a future date & I had to pay $209 for him to diconnect my car from his tow truck. Although the ticket is justified, the tow company was not able to provide any statute or law that says they can make me $209 ($109 is for the tow & $100 is for the city of LA - but the tow company ! charged me both fees) to be able to drive my car away when I am on the spot next to the officer who is not even done writing the parking citation. I understand they have every right to charge me these fees in the event I never showed up and I had to claim my car at a tow lot, but why can they charge me $209 when I am right there? I feel like for all these reasons the entire ticket should be thrown out.

These are the relevant statutes that say you can TOW, but I have found nothing that justifies what they did in my case:

22651(l) VC - Violation of temporary no parking (i.e. construction)

Removal of a vehicle When a vehicle is illegally parked on a highway in violation of a local ordinance forbidding standing or parking and the use of a highway, or a portion thereof, is necessary for the cleaning, repair, or construction of the highway, or for the installation of underground utilities, and signs giving notice that the vehicle may be removed are erected or placed at least 24 hours prior to the removal by a local authority pursuant to the ordinance.

22651(m) VC - Violation of temporary no parking

Removal of a vehicle from wherever the use of the highway, or a portion of the highway, is authorized by a local authority for a purpose other than the normal flow of traffic or for the movement of equipment, articles, or structures of unusual size, and the parking of a vehicle would prohibit or interfere with that use or movement, and signs giving notice that the vehicle may be removed are erected or placed at least 24 hours prior to the removal by a local authority pursuant to the ordinance.

22651(n) VC - No parking - Tow Away Zone

Removal of a vehicle whenever a vehicle is parked or left standing where local authorities, by resolution or ordinance, have prohibited parking and have authorized the removal of vehicles. A vehicle shall not be removed unless signs are posted giving notice of the removal.

22652.6 VC ?" Additional circumstances permitting removal

Removal of any vehicle parked or standing on the streets or highways or from a stall or space of a privately or publicly owned or operated offstreet parking facility within the jurisdiction of the city or county when the vehicle is in violation of a local ordinance or resolution adopted pursuant to Section 22511.57.


M. Cox: 2-18-10

Thanks for getting back to me. The tow truck co. is a private co. who works for the city. The tow truck charges $109 for the tow fee & then $100 city fee (to cover the fact they were called out to ta location/and or paperwork). I also got a $80 fine from the city. So $209 total. I guess my questions is, why is there a $100 city paperwork fee when I already came out to my car when he was not even done towing it. He had his chains connected to my tires, but what is this $100 city fee. I paid by credit card and the receipt says something like "city fee" - but when I called Cartel's Towing they said they had no rule or authority to explain how they are justified to charge me the $109 and $100 fee on site and he simply directed me to go through parking enforcement. I guess it just seems a little unconscionable, especially when I came out to my car when they were not even done writing the ticket. I would understand an extra fee if I had to go to the tow yard and pick up my car, but that was not the case. So I guess I am wondering who can I call to verify whether what they did was justified before wasting time writing an appeal?

M. Cox: 2-23-10

I see that you have been dealing with this issue for several years. Are you any closer to filing a lawsuit? I think the practice of not putting tickets on cars, then not sending the reminder notice so the violation cannot be contested is on the rise. It has happened to me twice in the past six months. Please respond and let me know if I can be of assistance in getting a lawsuit filed. Sorry, I am not an attorney.

Stephany G.: 2-25-10

I don't know if you still get correspondence from this site, but I wanted to share a similarly shocking experience. In short--

I was parked on LaFayette Parkway in downtown LA on a Saturday afternoon. Street cleaning for that particular side of the street was on Monday mornings. I received a parking ticket for Monday street cleaning on that very Saturday afternoon.

I contested it, and they pretended to have conducted a "field investigation," which they later stated did not dismiss my ticket. I made every phone call to every California office that had to do with motorist law, until I was finally given the phone number to the Parking "Adjudicator" of Los Angeles. I left him a message stating the extortion, and he returned my call the next day. He said he'd look into it, and he called within the next two days, saying that the ticket had been dismissed because the ticketing officer had "pressed the wrong button" on his little ticket-making machine.

Can you believe it--PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON? I think NOT. Because here is the thing: my car wasn't violating any other regulation that day, so there would have been NO reason to approach it to begin with. The officer purposely approached my car and purposely gave me an erroneous ticket he hoped I'd pay.

Disgusting. What can we do?

A. Johnson: 5-4-10

I have been a frustrated victim in too many cases to name - many involving the faulty meters that are failed, but you contest and they just deny you. I once over paid a meter at a museum that wouldn't record the credit, left a note, only to come back and find a ticket to boot. Beverly Hills is just as bad. I recently went through the process all the way to the court appeal only to have the judge yell at me that she would find me in contempt of court. She refused to rule over the previous person who reviewed the case and kept stating - "I know this person, and they are very good, blah blah.." She refused to review video or evidence that the sign was not where the ticket stated.

The point I'm getting too is that in glancing through your site - actually getting ready to fight a new ticket where LA parking enforcement issued a ticket on private property acting most likely at the behest of a disgruntled tenant who used to have our spot - but, having no jurisdiction because this is private property and the owner did not contact them -- I'm also wondering: Since Lockheed Martin owns the contract and has oodles of money (much from this corrupt venture), what we really need is an aggressive lawyer who is willing to organize a class action lawsuit. If enough people have kept their evidence and taken pix, etc. this would be a very interesting case. They have been collecting money for so many years and some proveable percentage of that is for parking citations that were falsely issued. Oh, and how do you like the new meter tickets of $50 (for parking meters that still take quarters). This is outrageous and we need to organize beyond complaints. We as tax payers own these streets, we pay for them in our taxes, now we pay for them again to an outside corp. whose sole function is to raise additional revenue through the "street sweeping" scheme and various other parking ticketing tactics that have literally been created for the purpose of generating revenue.


T. Downey: 7-23-10

I have received two tickets in my driveway in the past week. I need the heirachy of traffic control to be explained and the person(s) responsible for appointing and overseeing them to be aggressively voted out of office.

Please advise.

Leland: 7-26-10

Up to 40 cars were fraudulently and illegally towed today from my street. I came out at 7am to find my car and EVERY car gone. No signs, nothing last night. Today about 4.30AM the parking enforcers put up signs ( I have witnesses who saw no signs at 4AM) and started towing at about 5AM.

I have contacted Eric Garcetti, the LADOT and Villaraigosa. I will go to the Dept of Transport office WITH about 15 other people whom I met today - I stayed on the street 7AM to 2PM getting signatures and witnesses .

Can you suggest anything more?

On tuesday I nd these people will personally go to that office on Vermont, and I will nt leave til I am satisifed we are all getting out $250, plue the $55 ticket waived ( we all had to pay 250 to get the car out of the pound today and I for one have 14 cents remaining in my bank account, I have nothing for food or drink let alone clothes.

On tuesday I am prepared to call NBC, CBS, KTLA and other local news stations- if there are 10 people in a crown it will get publicity. Is there any thing else you can suggest?

Thank you for our website I found it VERY useful.

Photos have been taken of everything.

Rachel C.: 9-5-10

I cannot believe what I am reading on this website. This is ridiculous!!! I too am a victim of L.A. county parking enforcement. I received a notice in July that I was late in paying a 50 dollar ticket in L.A. county. I live 6 hours away from L.A. I have no family or friends that live there. In fact I haven't been to L.A. for approx 10 years. I don't know what happened or how these people got my lic plate number and the last 4 dig of my VIN number. Basically everything on the ticket matches except for the color. When I call the number listed on the notice they tell me that the parking patrol people do not have access to DMV records in their vehicles. Well they have access somewhere because my car was in Stockton Ca when this ticket was written!!! This whole thing is making me crazy!!! I contested it once already and of course because the numbers match they say I have to pay. So now I am having a bunch of witnesses write me letters attesting to my cars whereabouts on the day the ticket was written. Hopefully hearing by mail will work.

Jill C.: 9-13-10


I'm very happy to see you have put up this site.a few days ago I received a ticket for expired tags .my car has it's current tags visible ,and it's parked right in front of my home. I'm so upset and this is truly unfair.I want to contest this ,more importantly I want as many people as I can no about this so it doesn't happen to others .I called the number on the back of the ticket and I was instructed to send a copy of my current registration and I should be fine .but it's nit the 25.00$ it's the point that I got a ticket for no reason at all.if you can please give me any numbers or addresses to the proper persons who I can let be aware of this .also I want to file a complaint with the officer.he obviously is unfair, using his power for evil and it's wrong .I'm so upset, and thanks so much for making this site .it's much needed.

Angelina F.: 9-14-10


I need assistance. I was issued a ticket in July for supposedly parking in a red zone when I was parked in a parking lot. I was issued the ticket because I tried to stop a parking enforcement agent from giving a friend a ticket for expired meter by feeding his meter as I passed. The Enforcement agent saw me, we exchanged words as I proceeded to do my business but I thought nothing of it as it wasnt my cehicle anyways. Well this parking agent decided she would lie in wait for me and as I left the parking lot she got my plate and reported a FAKE, FRAUDULENT ticket for a red zone when I NEVER commited any such violation! I even have witnesses in the form of passengers in my vehicle and employees at the place of business I visited. I attempted to contest the ticket only to be denied! PLEASE HELP!!!

Steve S.: 9-20-10

I have a tow truck and I live in East Los Angeles. I was told I can park my tow truck on 3rd and S. Townsend Ave where at that end is considered commercial and I went as far as to talk to the East Los Angeles Parking Enforcement supervisor to ask if I was able to park. She said "I will go out there and check and I'll let you know." She never called. Then a few months later, my neighbor by the way is the one that's causing all these problems, she doesnt like the fact that I park my truck on "her street," any ways, they came by again and chalked my tires and said its just standard proceduer and left no ticket. I called the supervisor again who said I was o.k to park there, just that my neighbor went to Gloria Molinas office and complaint so now today at 5:51 am the parking enforcement came by and ticketed my truck and now I hear from my wife that shes seen the ticket lady talking to my neighbor, they are friend. There is no weight limit signs on these street and no indications that I can't park here. I would like for every one to know how unfair these people are and how they take advantage of there power and advantage of there jobs. Thank you.

Ivan P. G.:10-28-10







Amber: 12-16-10

A synopsis of my horror story is this: LA City impounded my car on a Saturday evening when it was parked one foot behind sign saying no parking on Tuesdays. Meter maid even took photo of sign !!!! Meter maid's notes indicated my car was parked "1 foot" behind sign. Meter maid testified - under oath - at the impound hearing that my car was parked at 1410 N. Gower as stated on the ticket. I produced the City's very own street map (from LA Dept. Building & Safety) which showed there was no 1410 N. Gower Street. City upheld the impound anyway - said they relied on "other" evidence besides photo, and said they were "sure" meter maid did not really mean to commit perjury. ????

B. Benedict Waters: 2-1-11

That is correct. And, please remember, Parking Enforcement took a picture of the sign at the time my car was impounded in 2006. To date, PE continues refusing to provide me a copy of the photo even in the face of my Public Records Act request.

On 2009 May 20, KCAL Channel 9 1PM newscastt, Jimmy Price, a. Los Angeles Department of Transportation manager of some sort, was interviewed. Mr. Price flat out stated that LADOT Parking Enforcement employees "never" issue a parking ticket in error. True story.
B. Benedict Waters: 2-15-11

I get this letter and a citation from LA parking that I had parked on a street while it was assigned for cleaning day. Also officer noted he was not able to place the ticket on my car so they mailed it to me. They are asking to pay within 14 days. I wrote a contest letter and they replied the citation was valid and I need to pay. I NEVER parked on that street and that is the fact. Later I drove by to see the street that I supposedly did the crime on (parked there)I found the street is a 300' cul-de-sac street with dead end one side and T stop sign the other. How is it I ran away from the officer on that street and he could not catch me to give me the citation??? I will fight to the end even if I lose ten days from work. This needs to stop and we have our rights.

David: 2-18-11

please If you could provideme How you can complain and make noise because they cited me for a violation it never happen the cop did not put a ticket in my windshield he wave me to go away and after a few days I receive billing of delinquency for $68 that is unfair If you can provideme with information how to submit these complains.

thank you
Hugo: 2-18-11

I received a letter in the mail today stating that I got a parking violation on 10-07-10 in LA. I have not been to LA in many years. I am single and nobody drives my car but me. Because of this fact I got online to see if it was a new scam, and it is. But the difference is if you don't pay they can mess with getting your car registered and your credit. I will do what is suggested on this website and send my letter on March 17th, 11.
My son takes his driving test on that day with my car, I hope this does not mess that up. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories, please write back if you have any success fighting it.

KK: 3-5-11

Ever since i moved to L.A. I have found that parking enforcement officials are predators searching day and night for their prey. One of these officers gave me a ticket for not having tags on my plates. The tags were clearly there and they were current. The customer service rep acknowledged that it could have been a mistake but that i still would have to pay the reduced fee. I recently received a ticket for parking in a permit zone on one side of the street. The problem is that i was parked on the other side of the street where the sign just says to worry about parking when street cleaning arrives. The officer lied on the ticket.

Hector M: 3-27-11

I received a notice from LA parking violation bureau, which said that I fail to respond their citation. However, I had never received their citation prior to that notice! The bail was $88!

I have kept writing to them in the last two months, and at the same time, I paid the bail in time. Firstly, I sent them a check. A couple of days later, I received a letter from them, which said they didn?Tt receive my check. I worried that it might be lost so I had to call my bank and cancelled it. At the meanwhile, I paid the $88 balance via their website on March 7. However, several days later, they sent me another letter which said that I overpaid you and will send me an $88 refund and no more further action on my side should be made. Later on, I received another letter from them, which said that my previous check was uncollectable so they reactivated my account and I still owe them the money ($88 plus $35 for the returning check, which was because I canceled it as I described above), even though I received a refund check from them at almost the same time. In order to clarify the trouble I?Tm having, I went to their payment collection office at 9911 West Pico Blvd. on today (April 4th, 2011) but they told me I had to talk to the office who issued the letters, and shockingly I was told the balance is now $176 instead of $88. I then called the office (866-561-9742) twice. I explained everything to their representatives. However, they persisted that I must pay the $176. I said it\'s ridiculous and hung up my phone.

I am sick, really sick because of them, and I am having a headache.

I just paid $176 online to prevent them from charging me more. I then searched the internet to see if others had same/similar experience, that\'s why I found your website.

I just sent a comment to the Major via the LA City\'s website. Could you please let know how can I send a letter to the major, councilman, and other officers? I feel the LA PVB is robbing in the name of government and someone should stop them. Thank you for your effort on this!

st person suggested me to cash the previous refund check you sent me and then pay the current balance ($176), and then request for a removal and refund of the penalty ($88).

Weimin P.: 4-4-11

I have also been a victim 3 times! They've mailed letters late so that I wouldn't have time to respond, given tickets on invisible signs or signs that didn\'t exist, denied hearing for unsubstantial reasons, etc.

So it happens that I have access to some online bogs with high # of daily hits. I'd like to know what is the current status to write about it. Have you found a lawyer? How many other victims are on board? thank you for speaking up!

jr: 4-4-11

hi there,'thank you for your answer. the problem with going to trial is that they manipulate the evidence, even change the signs before. just got another ticket on a small block with a driveway and two parking spots that had no signs whatsoever the sign was on the next block.

is there a website to learn how signs apply? in this case they could say that the sign on the next block would apply to the one where I parked.

jr: 5-18-11

this is ridiculous!! there are rules in every city in the world as to how far from the curve the sign has to be located, and how far from the car to apply, etc. I have tagged the major a hundred times on facebook. they know!!! but they choose to ignore. how many people do you have in your list? i know a couple of attorneys specialized in traffic tickets that might be interested and a company that finance legal cases and they also know lawyers.

jr: 6-4-11

i've just realized the officer placed my car almost half a mile away from where it actually was!!! i bet they do this often. it didn't occurred to me to check the address in other tickets!! how many people do you have in your list? are there any other groups you know of?

jr: 6-13-11

My 17 year old son had my car and parked at meter on Mariposa Ave. and got a ticket. He paid for parking with my credit card so I know he paid $2.00.. He put the ticket in the glove compartment and never told me about it. I happen to be looking for my insurance card about 4 week later and saw the ticket. My wife sent a check for $65.00 which was the fine and we thought that was the end. Apparently, they said the check did not get to them prior to the due date and therefore I owed an additional $80.00. I called and spoke to a nice lady and she said not to worry and she saw that I paid and would take it up to her superiors and have the additional fine removed. Another 8 week went by and now I have a bill for $101.00. Make me crazy!

Fred G.: 4-29-11

There are over 6.5 Millions registered vehicles in Los Angeles. I've lived here for 8 years and have never known a single person not to receive one, if not multiple tickets each year. I'm being generous, but lets assume 6.5 million vehicles are ticketed each year, and laws of reasoning would require that you can calculate a 5% human error, at least. Thats 325,000 fraudulent tickets posted each year. On average a ticket in Los Angles runs about $64. That's $416,000,000 in Profit each year. $20,800,000 in fraudulent tickets. Again, I\'m being incredibly generous. This is bare minimum of what Los Angeles sucks out of its residents each year, bare minimum. No wonder police officers are driving around in brand new BMW motorcycles, and parking enforcement have upgraded to 2010 Prius'.

R. Adamson: 5-10-11

I'd like to add my story to your collection. On Dec. 03, 2010, I parked at a meter on a side-street in Echo Park (aka Los Angeles, CA). I was direceted to that space/meter by a parking enforcement officer, who suggested I park there because all of the meters on Silverlake Blvd. were taken. I am disabled and I have a handicapped placcard that allows me to park at any meter for free and for an unlimited time. When I parked, I displayed my disabled placcard, as I always do. But when I returned to my car, I had a ticket for an \"expired meter.\" To add insult to injury, he wrote \"no handicapped placcard displayed" in the comments section of the ticket. Feel free to post this on your website, if you wish.

I took pictures of my prominently displayed placcard and contested the violation, which the Parking Enfrocement Bureau rejected. I then asked for a hearing before an administrative judge. Unfortunately, I could not make the hearing because of my disability, so I asked for a continuance. It was granted, but I was given a date that conflicted with my school schedule (they scheduled it for the same day as an important professional exam). I wrote Parking enforcement well in advance of the 2nd hearing date to notify them of the conflict and to request a new date. I received no response. The day before the 2nd hearing, I called parking enforcement to remind them that I would not be able to make the hearing the following day. Two days later, I received a letter from the administrative court stating that, since I had missed two hearings, I had forfeited my rights, and payment of my ticket was due immediately.

Frustrated by the sheer stupidity of the bureau, I went to the parking enforcement office near my house to speak to a supervisor and expalin- for the third time- that could not make the 1st hearing because of my disability, and the 2nd because of a school conflict. Unable to speak to a supervisor, I was given a compalint form to fill out to request a review of my case. I received a letter 3 days later that was COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE to my request. The letter merely reminded me that I had 21 days to contest the citation (as in 21 days from when I received the citation, on Dec. 03, 2010), and since that time had passed (uh, of course it had passed; I was already in the hearing stage of my appeal) I had forfeited my right to contest the citation. I can tell you that I am not taking this lying down! I am going back to that office and demanding to speak to a supervisor to get a new hearing date. If not, I am filing a civil action in superior court to request an appael of the !

bureau's determination. CA Vehicle Code, section 40230, allows such an action. I am also filing a complaint against the parking envorcement officer who issued the violation. I can't beleive that he took advantage of me like that! He directed me to park on that street at that meter and deliberately (fraudulently) stated that I did not have a placcard displayed. LA Parking Enforcement is OUT OF CONTROL!

Silviana: 5-15-11

i too am a victim of what i know see clearly as endemic and systematic fraud on the part of ladot. my story mirrors many others. i went to the la traffic website to pay a ticked i received on 5/15 for parking on fairfax av on a sunday in a metered spot without paying, as sunday parking has been free there and most everywhere else for the 38 years ive been licensed in CA i never even looked at the posted signage as i ran into canters for what turned out to be a $80.00 corned beef sandwich but hey, my bad. upon my return to my car i discovered not one but two tickets on my windscreen and only then looked up to find that sundays was no longer free.

my front plate was missing so of course the temporary permit that is current and designed to indicate my vehicle is being legally operated without plates and stuck to the rear window made no difference to the over zealous meter functionary. so i was ticketed twice. upon my return and realizing i cant pay the ticket immediately as it takes overnight for the ticket to hit the system, i wait the requisite day and logon to their barely functioning and yet collusive website to pay, and see a dialog box with THREE! violations currently attributed to my vehicle. i stare with incredulity and immediately mutter "WTF?!", as i KNOW i never got a ticket on the day, and at the address of this "SUPPOSED" violation on ventura blvd, and it\'s dated 4/22/11, almost over the 21 day period that one is graciously afforded by the city to dispute this fraudulent shit. nevertheless, i refuse to pay the PHANTOM TICKET! while the dispute process begins. i then go check my banking records which alyways help me to figure out when/where i was on any given day, and realize that the very day in question i was indeed on ( Yes..) ventura blvd and had parked in a metered spot that was blinking "FAILED", and went about my business, which was EIGHT (8!!) blocks away from this supposed "VIOLATION" for parking in a WHITE ZONE.

when i went to check the address of the supposed violation and measured it against where in fact i did my business ( credit card receipt also..) it was then i discovered that it was indeed over 8 blocks away.

i knew instinctively, that i was a victim of fraud on the part of this traffic enforcement bureau and i then began to search the web, and found this site which is rife with identical anecdotal evidence that this fraud is being perpetuated on a MASS SCALE, here in broke ass los angeles.

so now i await their administrative review BS with little faith i will be vindicated as it\'s my word agains theirs, and again, this is endemic/systematic fraud, so we shall see but i wont be in the least surprise to be stuck with fines for fraudulent ticket(s)

i wish there were more i/we? could do. this is obviously revenue generating fraud and needs to be exposed.

any advice or contact info as to how to rattle cages locally?

at least i'm venting in a sympathetic room. thanks!

mark j:5-17-11

i appreciate the reply, and yeah, it sickens me what theyre doing. pls anonymize my email and feel free to add my story to this LONG list! thx mark

I felt so sorry for one of my customers but I didn't know where to share the story--she put 3 quarters in the meter (unmarked as broken) outside our store and it came up fail--the meter lady came along just as she was checking out and she told the woman what happened and that the meter was not working. She still received a $58 ticket. She was in tears when she left.

Jeff M.: 5-23-11

Cited in Nov,2010 and again last week. 2nd time was towed. My vehicles were wrongfully cited and towed by same ofcr.

John: 6-14-11

If you get a class action suit going, I would love to be involved. This is blatant robbery and it INFURIATES ME.

Jessica: 7-11-11

I have some pretty interesting videos of metermaids. One has already been posted ( and, and a couple more will be the basis of a serious case for LADOT in the near future. (A recent one was of a bicycle metermaid in downtown acting as if he was going to fight me--I was a pedestrian; I do not even own a car--because I filmed him parking his bike in the road and blocking traffic to argue with a motorist) and then stalking me thereafter) and another one of a bike metermaid riding along and talking to a metermaid in a car and blocking traffic on a Friday rush hour. They were NOT talking about business, either.

Although I have my issues with the motor-mad mentality of L.A., I have a far more serious problem with the abuse of a privately owned company that profits from taxpayer dollars and outright corruption.

Ran: 7-15-11

My daughter got the parking in a red zone tkt she lives in LA, her car is registered to me so I got the tkt in the mail. I wrote the letter below to the mayor and to

After I protested the ticket (but of course paid the fine)they admitted it was a mistake with the license plate # and that I didn\'t owe the money..but read\'s insane!


City of Las Angeles Parking Viloations bureau.

They sent a false parking vioLation tkt in the mail, they demanded I send them the money (whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty??) Anway I sent the money under protest, and protested the tkt, my car was not even in the vicinity.

They sent me a letter saying they made a mistake and if I wanted my money back to sign the form and it would take up to 30 days to refund the money to me.

I come back from vacation and there is a letter from them, I thought it was my refund, but no, they now want proof that not only did I send them the money but that I can also prove that they cashed it (copy of front and back of the check.) To add insult to injury they gave me a time frame to send it, but because i was on vacation it may not get there on time, and the letter says if I don\'t get it back to them within 15 days of the date of the letter, they will persue the violation as it stands. Well as they admitted it was an error and there was no viloation, how can they even consider that option? I know the city needs money but this is criminal!! I also know by the websites out there that I am by no means the only one this is happening to. Pleeeease do something about this obvious ploy to gain money for the city (by UNCONSTITUTIONAL) means before there is a huge class action lawsuit that will surely bankrupt the city!!

I am, scared for my daughter to live there, this is making me sick to my stomach!

Sylvia A.: 7-15-11

I gave a mechanic a car for free to repair and sell to a deserving person. He gave the car to a guy who parked the car illegally 13 times between 07 Oct 2010 and 15 February 2011 and was photographed driving the car through a camera controlled intersection red light in Westwood, CA, during this time. The mechanic identified the driver from his photo. The mechanic and I have sent notarized affidavits to the Administrative judge at the DOT. An affidavit is just like a sworn statement in court. I am guilty of not completing the paperwork, I admit that. But I was not in physical custody or physical control of the car during that time and did not illegally park the car and the Parking Bureau knows who did. The total amount the L.A. Parking bureau is asking for is approximately $1900.00 I am scheduled for an administrative hearing sometime in the next 30 days.

Where is this superior court judge others have talked about? I want a court hearing in front of a jury. I want to join a class action suite. Please tell me how I can fight back.

The L.A. Parking Bureau sent an administrative application form letter dated the 15 of May to me which I received on the 24th and gave me 21 days to reply. I replied the next day. They said they never received the letter. The letter was a large, a bright yellow manila envelope sent USPS. It was hard to miss but they missed it. Because they sent their letter late they gave me a chance to send the documents by fax. Then they said they only received the first page. Wait, wait, then they said the received the whole 17 page application.

The whole L.A. Parking operation is bush league.

There is a woman (the L.A City Controller) who is running for Mayor next election. She is well known and likes to investigate corruption in the L.A. Cit government. She needs to know all of the parking horror stories. Get her address and start sending your letters. It's a start.

Fitz: 7-16-11


I have got a Parking ticket at a location that I have never been and at the time where I was having dinner in my city Irvine, CA (orange county). Fortunately I have the Credit Card Transaction at the day and at the time of citations as proof and my car can be only driven by me by Car insurance policy. It happened in april 2011 and I have just got the citations last week. I mailed a letter out to require the original ticket as I was confident that it was not my car and the officer took a wrong Plate Number. But with a big surprise, they forwarded me the \"supposed\" original paper with all digital information that match my car, except the color and no VIN. How they could do that as my car was not even anywhere in Los Angeles for the past year, unless the took the wrong plate number then pull out all information from DMV.

Then I mailed out another letter to contest saying that I was not in the area at the time and I have proof. But they got back to me confiming that the citation is valid and I have to pay. I will have 21 days to contest.

I am so disgusted and decided to go in internet. I am glad to see so many similar cases and your website. I would like to post my story but I do not see any menu to do that.

Thank you for your advise.

Alain V. : 7-24-11

Hello. (Sorry i don't know your name)

Thank you for all your advise.

It would be interesting that we could know any class action or any media contacts to attack this kind of organization. If each of us acted individually in our corners, I don't think it would bring us somewhere.

Your website us really a good idea, I would love to support you to collect more witness to go to next level, and a forum would be nice for this purpose.

I will contact an attorney yo see what I can do.

Keep in touch

Thanks again

Alain V. : 8-1-11


I have paid the fine and mailed a hearing request form with a cover letter contesting the alleged citation and threatening them to contact the media, major and City Council member...

I have just visited your website again and saw several similar cases than mine that have just happened again. Is it possible that you connect all people in the same cases like mine, so we may group our claims and attack those official criminals together ? it may be more efficient than going to the battle individually...

Or at least, it would be nice if we could know the results of each other to get an idea and avoid any trap or mistake in this complicated battle.

Thank you for your assistance.


Alain V. : 8-7-11

Just got the letter from them after the hearing. Really worth it to read their decision to dismiss my case ********************************* Officer Comments : 100% in Alley. Observed at 8:55 pm. Finding of facts : Respondent lives and works outside of the Los Angeles area. The Respondent's testimony and evidence regarding the circumstances involved with this citation was credible, persuasive, and convincing. Respondent therefore is Not Liable for the citation. A refund shall be mailed to Respondent approximately thirty (30) days from the date of this decision letter, The hearing Examiner's decision for this case is not intended to establish a legal precedent for any other parking citation case. Each case is decided based upon its own unique set of facts, upon the evidence presented, and upon the Hearing Examiner's determination of the credibility of the evidence. ********************************* However, they don't refund all other expenses like certified mails, my day off and gas... That is not their problem !!! Well the Officer should be a magician and played his show at the time to issue me a ticket remotely from Los Angeles while my car was in Orange County and still confirmed having seen it. I am determined to continue this battle and still on my way to fight them even alone. A friendly advise to all honest people in this country. Try to get proofs of all your movement everyday because one day you will get scammed by those criminals protected by law. Otherwise you would be accused for a crime that you never commit and need to pay. I was lucky to have spent money for my dinner at this time so I got dismissed, just imagine I decided to cook at home that day.... Good luck to other victims Alain

Alain V. : 9-28-11


I had to write you.I have gotten nowhere with trying to contest a fraudulent parking ticket. My husband was parked in the 6100 block of Wilshire Blvd.At 4:00pm the lane turns into a traffic lane to ease traffic on Wilshire. My husband was coming out of a two hour long Dr's appt and it was 3:55 He knew he had to get to the car by 4. He is 48 and is disabled due to a spinal injury. Thank goodness he can walk but cant run. So he gets out front and sees Parking Enforcement and a tow truck. He whistles gets both of the gentlemans attention says thats his car and he is coming. He had two minutes. No cars stopped to let him cross Wilshire so he went to the corner and waited for the light. When he came to our car he could see that the guys had hooked it to the tow truck. It's 4:00pm on the dot.. Maybe 4:01. And they said to my husband they would unhook the tow truck and not give a ticket if he had 150.00 cash to pay them. Well he didnt have enough so he phoned me and asked if I could run some cash to him. I said no,thats criminal. So they towed him away. And wrote the ticket at 4:06pm. So they would have waited for me to bring cash..that would have been alright.That night wrote a long letter contesting the ticket. I got a reply back saying that the 21 days had passed and I could no longer contest. I showed them that the ticket was given on 3/15/11 and the reply I got back from them was 4/06/11 and how did they figure that to be more than 21 days? Their reply was we never sent that to you. I said yes you did its your address at your standard form 245.So with each letter I get which is only standard form 245 I send a reply which I think they read and dont want to hear about corupt officers so they toss them in a circular file :). I havent paid the ticket because it started out close to 200.00 for the ticket and close to 300.00 to get it out of the impound yard. I called, and get nowhere except for them saying I reached the maximum penalties on the ticket. I am disgusted and don't know where to even begin going up the chain of command. I have written the City Attorney Offices..And hear nothing back. Any suggestions would be great. I now have a ticket that is 365.00 And, I don't have the funds to pay that. I have a husband on SSDI and two daughters and every penny is accounted for. I would have no problems paying a ticket if I thought that it was valid. My thoughts are this. They saw the disability plaque...and thought they would extort money. My husband made it to his car on time. It took the 6 additional minutes to write the ticket and tow thew car. I am so angry about this and feel like I am getting nowhere with the system.

Kim G.: 7-29-11 AM

SLAPEC replied:


Your story makes me sick. Unfortunately, Parking Enforcement is just a gang of thugs who make money for themselves and the city. The city lets them get away with it because they share the spoils.

First, but it's probably too late now, always pay the fine ASAP or things get worse. Then you try to get the money back.

As for the 21 days, they have their own clocks and calendars and count time differently than the rest of us.

They do everything they can to keep people from defending themselves. You always have a right to go to court. I once had to go to court to ask permission to go to court, but you always have the right.

Write to the Mayor and City Counsel. Try a letter to the editor of the news paper. Write again to the City Attorney. The sad fact is they are all in the same gang, but there are a few honest employees. If you have time, call and demand to talk to a supervisor. Don't give up.

My suggestion as to parking on Wilshire is don't. I'd rather pay $7.00 for a lot than risk a city street. Although in Los Angeles, the only thing you need to do to get a ticket is register your car in the state - they just make it up.

I'll add your letter to the list. I hope I've been of some small hope.


Kim again...

I have learned many lessons here. I will pay next time,....I know how silly of me to think that once I shared the story of what happened to their superiors it would all be taken care of. And I surely thought that contesting the ticket 24 hours after it was received both online as well as a typed letter in which I enclosed copies of both the parking ticket at 160.00, and the tow bill 275.00....they would see wow 24 hrs has gone by and she is on it. NOPE instead I get a letter saying 21 days has gone by and I cant contest it. I really thought that they made a mistake so I recopied my letters, along with a copy of what they sent to me on April 6 and I asked how 21 days had gone by. When I called to speak to a live person I asked them to count the days with me out loud..I felt like I was teaching pre-school. one, two three, 17, and of course 21 days hadn't gone by..but, then there is the mystery of the letter that I have dated April 6..and hmmm that is the same letter don't show in their if its not in their didn't happen. What a crock of shit. I am so disgusted with the corruption...and I cant believe that nobody gets in trouble. Hell if it where you or me we would be in jail for trying to extort money, or making a letter magically vanish. I cant tell you how angry I am about this whole thing. I am going to fight this until it can no longer be fought. My hot Irish temper is slow to boil..but once it's not pretty.. I am at the not pretty stage. :) I will keep you posted...Oh, and the lot to the Dr's office was full.. don't get me started on that one.

Thanks for your reply.

Kim G.: 7-29-11 PM

I have been a victim of the City of Los Angeles falsely issuing parking tickets. I have documentation of 3 or 4 over the past few years. If you are still building a case for a lawyer to take on I too would love to be included as it enrages me that they can get away with this and not only does this need to stop but they should be called out and punished/fined.

Thank you,

Lisa O.: 8-2-11

I just finished writing a letter to the Parking Violation Bureau in contest of a citation which my partner received while parked in a residential area at an unmarked curb alongside some shrubbery. The curb opposite and on the next block were painted red. He got the ticket because the only sign that would have informed him of the prohibition to do so was buried so deeply in the shrubbery that he actually parked directly beneath it without being able to detect its presence.

Thanks to the invent of the "camera phone," he was able to take pictures of the scene upon his return to the ticketed vehicle, and the wonder of Google maps shows an excellent street view of the precise location that clearly demonstrates the painted curbs of the surrounding area and the unpainted section where he was parked as well as the fact that the next posting's position is NOT visible from that area as it is actually around a corner and on the down-slope of the hill on the other side of the hill apex. I took the 5 photos (closeup, straight side view, and approaching view angles among them) and posted them as a game on my facebook page with the title "Find the Violation!" offering a cash prize to any of my friends who could tell me why he received a ticket. There were some guesses at the tint on the windows being to dark, the wheels being turned the wrong way, and one who just gave up. Even after the hints of red lettering peeking out between the pink flowers of the bush were pointed out to me, I couldn't tell what they spelled. Once it was pointed out in the foliage I still couldn't read the sign even after knowing the MC violation!

Now the thing that brought me to this site was that I noticed a notation on the citation which stated "photos taken" - presumably by the ticketing agent, since they were not present at the time my partner took his. What I am wondering is why photos would require taking unless they rather expected the violation to be challenged? I am curious to know what photos could possibly lend support to the issuance of the citation under these circumstances, and I had never seen such a thing as preemptive defensiveness of a citation before so I googled the terms and found this. After reading the experiences here, I am not optimistic about how this will turn out but the pics and reasons for our contesting have been sent off to whatever fate awaits.

In the meantime, though, forewarned is forearmed, so I am now braced for making a tremendous nuisance of myself should this become ugly. I had been awakened to the abuse of people's rights by various law enforcement agencies through my own experience which led me to fight a speeding ticket after the officer was surprised into admitting he didn't know how fast I was going. I won with a very neat and concise yet irrefutable TBD (Trial by Declaration) and got my fine returned with a "NOT GUILTY" verdict even sooner than I had expected, but the things I learned while researching how to fight it were truly appalling and right in line with the stories here. Even more I found while researching the red light camera ticket my partner got too. There is a tremendous amount of revenue being generated through bogus citations, and most people simply don't know it but assume that the authority is right.

If there are no lawyers yet joining the fray, I bet a nice investigative report story might be easier to get. Outrage always makes great TV, right? As we are here in the heart of Hollywood I am sure we can find someone interested in breaking a scandal like this if its pitched right.

Like you, I have made it my mission to make it more trouble than it is worth to attempt to take advantage of people this way and have vowed to fight EVERY ticket EVERY TIME.(Even if I might deserve some future violation, I intend to be a pain in the ass about it if things are still as corrupt as this - and certainly when it is clearly a violation of MY rights!) I intend to be another voice sending the message that I won\'t be easy pickings. I push back, HARD. And I thank you for doing the same through your letters and this site. If we can\'t get them to stop we can at least make it a lot more work to get away with it.

Ai-Ling L.: 8-23-11

I almost forgot about another recent ticket I got - while trying to deal with a parking ticket!! (It was a Weho permit only issue, and there was actually a valid permit which was being fetched at the time of ticketing.) My partner pulled up next to the last meter on the street (Wilshire, I think) where the office was located as we didn't have $10 to pay for the lot. We stopped the car, not the engine, at about 3:58pm, just long enough for him to get out of the car and me to slide over behind the wheel so I could circle round the block till I found a spot or pick him up at the corner after he finished dropping off the paperwork.

I pulled away from the curb just as the meter-reader started to issue citations for the 4pm "No STOPPING" sign that the metered section became at that time like Cinderella's pumpkin coach at midnight. She had at least 5 cars to go before she would have been able to get to mine, but I actually received a citation in the mail a couple weeks later anyway. I paid it because I didn't feel like getting another one while fighting THAT.

I don't think they should be allowed to ticket cars that aren't there to receive the ticket, but I had actually forgotten about this in the wake of other more recent irritations such as this and it was before I was aware that such abuses were so commonplace. I am wondering if the meter-b**** was just a spiteful "see you next tuesday" to try and hurriedly write down my plate number as I pulled away from the curb at 4:01 at the latest, or if there isn't some other recording method which captured the area with the assumption that any vehicles there at 3:59 would be most likely there long enough that the owners wouldn't return in time to move them and therefore not contest?

There is clearly something rotten in Denmark either way.

Ai-Ling L.: 8-23-11

I have the same man coming to my home weekly at 1, 2, and 3am posting tickets on my car, my husbands car, and my friends cars! They state blocking the intersection, blocking the alley, invalid registration. All of which are untrue AND ON MY CAMERAS! I am ready to file a harrasment suit against L. Thomas and would love any assistance. I am going to court on the 14th of Sept in Van Nuys with my pictures from my camera system from my most recent ticket that shows this guy is a liar and should be fired! You can reach me at ...

Melissa S:9-3-11

This is a good article

Add me to the list of people for civil suite.

I have fallen pray to this a few times and received another ticket today for a non existent address. the second time this has happened.

Full details

John K...

Stop the corruption and openly illegal practices.LA\'s rotten core is beginning to resemble something from a bad 80\'s comic book movie.

John K : 9-13-11

i just went to renew my registration, and discovered i have 3 "tickets" which are overdue. i never got anything on my car, nor did i receive any notices in the mail. how do i fight this?

Shale: 9-14-11

I got 1 citation for not having a valid hanicapped placard while parked at a meter (but my handicapped plates were obviously there). I also got a citation for not having valid current registration tags. My payment was delivered on July 29 to the DMV through my bank's bill pay. I called the PVB and told them the DMV have not processed my registration. They said I need to have a letter from DMV saying they have my money but have not processed it yet if I want my citation dismissed, otherwise I should send them a copy of my current registration and pay a reduced fine of $10 for the citation "correction". Its like saying I'm guilty. Are other people complaining about this? The L.A. times should write an article about this. By the way, where do I file a complaint against the officer that issued the citations?

Matthew B.: 9-21-11

I finally got the citation for not having the handicapped placard displayed dismissed, but the one for correcting the registration stuck. I paid the $10 due to fear after they threatened to give me penalties on top of the $10 if I didn't pay within the allotted time. Yes, this is unfair but I had to pay it. What recourse do I have? How can I win against the city? Its like going to the doctor and being treated for an illness that you don't have and even after finding that you don't have the illness he still insists on treating you and charging you for it anyway.

Matthew B.: 10-3-11

I have photographs of a parking enforcement car parked in front of a fire hydrant. I understand if they park in a normal redzone to give out tickets, but I think that the public policy behind the proscription against blocking a fire hydrant is that it is a fire safety issue...

Paul S. : 9-21-11

fire hydrant fire hydrant
SLAPEC simply has to say, Parking Enforcement, you may be able to break the law, but what if there is a fire.

I have a neighbor who parks his car right in front of a fire hydrant. I have pictures to probe it. I called parking enforcement and PEOffice Roth came by and said he wont enforce it because the car is not on the street but on the dirt. There are no sidewalks here. He refused to give me any more info and left. The car parked in front of the hydrant belonged to another parking enforcement officer and Roth didnt want to ticket a PE officer. What do you think?


I received a ticket saying that my registration stickers were not displayed when they clearly were. What should I do?

Gaul P.: 10-3-11

Got one last year when they increased the parking hour enforcement time from 8p to 11p without changing the meter internal hours of operation. The second one was for parking over the line on washinton blvd in venice where sand covered all the lines. both now held back my registration.

Kris: 10-18-11

We received a fraudulent \'mail ticket\' this September, 2011, and our car has never been in the City of LA. The officer gave a description on the ticket that doesnt fit our car, and when we contested it and pointed that out, they completely ignored our case and said we had to pay. So Im glad to have found this site. I could go into a lot more detail if need be.

SO I appreciate any info you might have regarding this.

Thank you,

Terese K.: 10-31-11

Hello, We contested again with documents to prove where our car was at the time (Mojave) of the ticket, and that our car was not the body type the officer described (a sedan verses a van) You'd think he could tell the difference. They also wrote the wrong renewal date on the ticket. That was early November we sent this in and so far all we got was an acknowledgement of receiving our contest. Haven't heard anything from them yet. Thanks for your response.

Terese K.: 12-14-11

I received a parking ticket on 2/9/11 in Van Nuys (14500 block Calvert St. West) near the court where I go frequently. I challenged it noting that I had evidence that the meter failed and they dismissed it. The meter number was 1232.

This October I received a ticket for expired meter on the same street. This time I had video (on my iPhone) of the meter flashing fail. I just saw the video. Guess what? Same meter, 1232. On both occasions it appeared as though the parking enforcement officer had reset the meter and then had written the ticket. I wonder how much money broken meter 1232 makes the City? They certainly will never fix the meter, it's making them too much money this way.

Robert R.: 11-4-11

Are the enforcement officers allowed to park in metered space, but not pay? I recently observed an officer in a \"Parking Enforcement\" van park in a space, go into a Trader Joe\'s market for approximately 10 minutes, then come out and drive away. I saw him pull into the space, and I saw him leave and he never paid the meter, which indicated \"expired\" the entire time.

As he drove away, he saw me taking pictures of him with my phone. He actually honked and waved. Pretty arrogant!


Brad R.: 11-5-11


Anil R. :11-11-11


Anil R.: 11-11-11

Erroneous Ticket received on 12/10/08 - parked at 10:30am with one (1) hour time limit (until 11:30am) - citation issued at 11:23am with seven minutes remaining on meter!

Rachel H. : 11-15-11

Good Afternoon,

My name is David. I'm writing because I read a little bit about your website and I wanted to explain what happened in my situation and inquire into who I can file an official complaint and contestation even if it requires a court hearing in an official court of law and not a small interrogation conference office.

Last night, I left my apartment to get to my vehicle which was parked on the street outside of my building. Upon arriving to my vehicle, I had noticed that the rear driver's side back window was broken and soon after noticed that the car was completely unlocked. Immediately I realized that my car was broken into and a few of my personal belongings were stolen. I proceeded to call the police department to come and file a report, but they stated to me that they do not dispatch for burglary any more, so I decided to go to the department to file an official report. I turned on the car and began to drive off, but my car died out in the middle of the street, so I asked my brother to help me to push it to the side of the street until he went to get his vehicle to give me a jump charge. The side of the street happened to be a "red zone," but was the only possible space to move my vehicle until I received a jump-start to get it going again. During the few minutes that my brother went to get his car, a parking enforcement officer pulled up behind me and I realized that he began to write a ticket. I approached the officer's window and started to explain what had happened, and he almost immediately became very rude and hostile and basically to make the story short, forced this fraudulent citation on me. I don't believe I should have received this citation, since I was just the victim of a burglary and I was in the process of filing a police report in regards to the events that just previously occurred. After speaking to an officer at the police station, I was advised that the police could not be dispatched because of this incident not being a priority and I made every possible effort to get my vehicle started and on the way to file this report at the local police station. In conclusion, I did make an official police report soon after and I will be paying this citation this week as well as contesting it at the same time.

I don't believe that they will dismiss my citation due to the fact of reading and analyzing a lot of the complaints online. However, I am ready and willing to take this situation to the next legal stage(s), even if it means going to Superior Court to have my case heard and losing as much time as necessary to receive some form of justice in this matter. Please advise me of my best options in this case. Thanks For Your Time and Consideration In This Matter

David S.: 12-13-11

I am sick and tired of these guys giving fraudulent tickets and getting away with it. I want to do a class action suit against these guys. Please send me information where I can get involved and take these guys down and get some proper justice and ethics in on them and the city for not taking actions themselves.

Matt O.: 12-21-11

Very happy to see an organized outcry against LA parking enforcement! Please add me to a contact list if you send out notices regarding mass letters to the council members, protests, etc.

Lea: 12-28-11

My anger at Parking Extortion is probably not as deserved as what happened to you and the other cases that I saw mentioned on your website. I've calmed down a bit, and since I have no roots in this state, I'm considering moving out of California. This does not help change the injustice done to me or others, but, it's my own way of dealing with it and trying to move on.

Their behavior is egregious and getting worse.

Parking Extortion has been granted an enormous amount of power over individuals with not a bit of oversight, and the hearing process is not at all fair by any person's definition. They should all be brought to justice, but how?

I was ticketed for double parking. I was NOT double parking. I was doing what every single person on this street must do every single day, when picking up or dropping off a friend or loved one. In my case, I just got home from a long trip, and I needed to unload luggage into my apartment. If I were a wealthy man, I suppose I could have a driveway that goes up to my front door, but on this street, we have no where to stop the car, except along side another car. I put on my flashers and took my luggage into my apartment, promptly went back to the car and drove away. I noticed that a parking enforcement car was parked also "double parking" , in front of me, but did not think anything of it.

A month later I got a notice in the mail stating that I did not pay a parking ticket and that I was delinquent. The awful person who gave me this ticket did not even have the courage to face me to give this unjust ticket to me. Obviously because she knew that she was committing a fraud against a person who she has taken an oath to serve ----- they are supposed to look out for our rights and protect us from harm. They are charged with these duties and it is being used as an excuse to take advantage of our powerlessness.

Thanks for listening. There is nothing that can be done. To add insult to injury, they sent me a notice last week stating that I did not pay my ticket and that they are now charging me $165.00 This was intentional on their part. Their maliciousness is increasing. I will have to get a photocopy of the money order to prove to them that I paid this. Which they were hoping I could not do, of course. They are blatant and very obnoxious.

Yours truly
Anil R: 12-29-11

I had gotten a ticket for pulling over to the curb to be let out of the car in a red zone. I'm from S.F. and didnt know how illegal this was. I paid the ticket but they now say it arrived a day late. I mailed it in a timely manner. Had no idea that L.A. is so notorious for traffic corruption. Had I known, I would have sent it certified. But in S.F., this has never been a problem in my 15 years there. I am searching the internet for email address, even snail mail addresses to fight this. I am on disability, a fixed income. I couldnt afford the original ticket, (a friend paid it) let alone the $137 in penalties now required. Please tell me where and how to pursue this fight. I will lose my registration if I cant get it waived. I have no financial recourse with this disability. Thanks...cory m

Cory M.: 2-26-12

Yes, I am another victim of a fraud parking ticket and have to pay it!!!, I am following all you advice and it makes me feel better to know that my suspicions were correct. If you need to publish, please omit my name and address. I will update you, I am very grateful you are doing this

Yael P.: 2-27-12

I would be more than willing to sign your petition. I've lost count of all the tickets I've received in Los Angeles -- a healthy portion of them being fraudulent. Last year, I fought several tickets that were ignored, and I didn't pay them out of principle (there was a racket in my neighborhood, and many of my friends and neighbors received the same fraudulent citations. Now the Parking Bureau turned over my citations to the DMV, which is requiring $1000 to clean my record, which is insane. Am I too late to continue fighting these? I've even contemplated transferring the title to my spouse as a matter of civil disobedience.



Corey J.: 2-29-12

had a parking enforcement bang on my window when I was mergin in traffic with kids in the car and says "where is your registration" I ignored her as I knew it wasn\'t her right when I am in traffic. I never received a ticket until 2 months after the date. I then received a notice in the mail that I failed to pay a ticket.

Kelly J.: 3-9-12

Lazy people, not willing to look into the truth!

- I sold my car in order to pay the rent April 24th, 2011.
- a month later I received a parking ticket from the City of Los Angeles for parking on street sweeping on April 29th, 2011.
- I contacted buyer because it happened AFTER I sold him the car. He said he knew about the ticket and will take care of it. He also assured me that he registered the car in his name. I contacted the DMV and confirmed that.
- I mailed my proof to the City of Los Angeles, Parking Violations Bureau.
- They responded with I needed buyers address, buyer wouldn\'t give it to me. City of LA said if I didn't pay the ticket, I wouldn't be able to register that car (I figured, cool, they can get the money from the idiot when he goes to renew the tags.
- 10 months later, City of Los Angeles now threatens to either: Seize my porpoerty (I never got another car), Attaching Wages; or Additional Court Action.
- I responded again with a ton of proof that I did not have that car at time of ticket, so much proof only an idiot couldn\'t see the truth.
- they respond with I\'m past the 21 day grace period to contest and I have to pay up.

This is so wrong! I didn't do this. To me, I see the city as LAZY. How obvious is it that I didn't own the car when I did respond within 21 days. Why can't they get off their behinds and go after him? Attach the ticket to his car like they said they would? Instead, they are harassing a single mom, who doesn't live in their city, and now never will. I should NOT have to pay this $185.00 Ticket. I CAN'T pay this ticket, I don't have that kind of money, I can barely afford the rent!

Can you point me in the direction for help before the embarrassment of a garnishment at work, or court action? I of course will be more than happy to go to court!
Thank you kindly,

Julie S.: 3-16-12

I was wondering if you could help me out with some suggestions or realities.

I got a notice in the mail saying I got a ticket that was never put on my car. I was parked out front of my clients house (I am a Behavioral Interventionist for Children with Autism) and I had taken an early shift (I usually work with him in the evenings) because his mom requested it due to an appointment she had.

A tree had fallen 3 days prior, taking out the parking sign that gave notice to street cleaning. Luckily, my client's parents took photos of everything and sent them to me in January after they had received notice that Parking Bureau was sending out tickets for this violation out front of their house knowing very well that a tree had taken out the sign.

I was going to send a check for the ORIGINAL amount of the violation and a letter with pictures explaining.

I also called and asked to contest, but I had no idea I had the ticket and received a notice only AFTER my mother sent my mail to me. I MOVED from Los Angeles to San Francisco and at the time COULD NOT pay the ticket because of financial hardship, which I did tell them about.

I was wondering if they will accept the original violation payment and the pictures, or if you feel I should pay the full amount which is now up to $185 dollars!!!?!??!!? is there anything I can do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because this is BULLSHIT. I feel if I paid the full amount I would be admitting fault for something that I didn't do.

Thank you!


Tracey: 3-21-12

Ok, my car got inpuntted again within 6 months. Mojority of the tickets I have recieved were falsh accusations from the city legal gangs. I have no choice but to fight back because they are robbing my hard earned money without causes.

Lauren L. : 4-16-12

In the first place the streets do not belong to the people who write the ticket or to the people who receive the money for the tickets. The streets belong to the citizens. If there is truly a necessity for parking meters, which I doubt, the money should never go to any agency that has any connection with the people who make the laws regarding parking and parking meters. Wouldn\'t that be, and isn\'t that a huge conflict of interest? Couldn\'t these people be charged with conflict of interest? If anything the money for parking and traffic tickets should go to those that need it. How about the homeless? Don\'t fall for the \"we need the money to run the city\" story. They already have far more money to run the city than needed, and they should be accounting for every penny every day. If they really need more money, it should be acquired in a legitimate way. How about donations? If these people thrived on donations, they would be easily accountable to the public. Do!

you think anyone that needs a gun to collect money will remain accountable for that money?

R. Lowis: 4-30-12

Snapped picture of 2 parking enforment cars at a burger king (they were hungry I guess) one of course in handicap spot side by side!

Pete: 5-11-12

Here is my witness statement I sent to the Parking Enforcement Agency as evidence to help my mom contest this ticket:

I, (name blanked), witnessed (name blanked) parking in a legal parking space, in front of (address blanked) N Cherokee Ave (metered spot), on February 6th, 2012. We both checked signage and saw no indication that the space we were parked in was not a legal parking space during the times that we were parked there. We parked in this legal parking space from around 9pm, February 5th until 730am, February 6th of 2012. We took pictures which prove this to be true and even called customer service and spoke to someone by the name of Miguel or Manuel about this. I asked if someone could come out to view the signage so that we could dispute the ticket right then and there but he said this was not possible and that the only thing he could do was write notes into his system showing that we did indeed call to dispute the parking ticket right away because we saw no signage which indicated the spot we were in to be an illegal parking space.

On March 25th of 2012 I went to take additional pics of the signage where we were parked and was surprised to see that the signage had been changed since the date of the parking violation. Now the sign does show that between the hours of 6pm and 3am there is no parking in the same spot that we were parked. This signage is not the same as the signage that was up when we were parked there. We took pics and video which prove this was added after we received the parking citation.

Ben and Clara T. : 5-18-12

They still found us in violation despite all the evidence we had. We sent video footage and they claim to not be able to view the footage, however it works fine for us.

Ben T.: 6-26-12

This was not a trial by judge. This was an appeal by mail. My mom lives in Texas and I feel that they prey on people from out of town because they know that its probably easier just for us to pay a $70 fine rather than spend the time and effort to go through all this BS. And they were correct, my mom was so frustrated she just gave up and paid knowing she did nothing wrong. They win and it seems they will always win with this corrupt system in place. They should have to show evidence to us that we were in fact parked illegally yet they never did. We, on the other hand, had video and photos which support our case yet we are still found in violation. RIDICULOUS!

Ben T.: 6-27-12

I received a ticket for not having my registration sticker. This is a simple fix it ticket. I corrected and mailed the $10 fee but yet la parking violations dept keeps sending me notice over and over as if I had not corrected it. I sent evidence of correction at least 3 times. Finally I gave up, hoping they would fix whatever bug was in their system. But no. I got a letter from dmv saying my ticket hasn\'t been paid for and I now need to pay $196 (instead of the $10 which I already paid) in order to clear this violation. I believe la parking division has some major corruption going on.

Monica: 5-22-12

Today I parked near 2nd and Grand at about 7:40 PM in a 8AM to 8PM 2hr parking metered space. As I got out of my truck a parking enforcement car parked in the space directly behind me. The officer's window was down, so I went to her window and explained that I had just parked before she arrived and was going to pay at the pay station. She said that her device hadn't synched yet with the spaces or something to that effect, but she didn't say she wasn't starting to write me a ticket. Then I repeated the same and added, "you have to allow time for me to walk from my truck to the pay station." She then said, "then I suggest you go pay." I replied, "that's a weird way to phrase your statement because it sounds like a threat." Anyway, I don't believe I received a ticket, but I may have had I not confronted the officer. Mostly, I can't believe parking enforcement was going to ticket a car that had just parked without allowing time for the person to pay at the pay station and I was surprised at the attitude and rude response. Just wanted to voice my complaint and this seemed like an appropriate forum in which to do so.

Mark: 5-24-12

I'm glad to see that someone is standing up for our rights. The city of LA has become a corrupt entity. This is not the courntry I was brought up in and I'm sick and tired of it.

I just received a parking violation notice of deliquency for an expired meter violation back on 3/15/2012. It is now 5/29/2012! No initial notification (Assume they had my address at the time of voilation)! To make matters more quiestionable, I've never been to the address listed. Furthermore, I wasn't even in LA at the time, but in San Diego. I have evidence of this! So, how can my car be at the address listed when I've never been to the location and I was in another city at the time. The simple fact that I'm mailed a fine by the City Attorney, violates the rule of law where the burden of proof is placed upon the accusor. It is clear that this citation is false and amounts to criminal behavior!

How do I become a part of your cause?

Damon J. :5-29-12

Subject: 2 hour parking, no meter, we were within time, still got a ticket?

OK, so, we went to an appt on Sunday. Read ALL the signs. It was 2 hour parking, from 8-6., no meters, just a space and teh signs. We were legally parked, not in red, etc. We got there at 4:12, had a 4:15 appt, and we were leaving by 6. Got to the car, and had a ticket that said 2 hour pkg, and a 6:01 ticket issue time. We were at the car at 6:04.

WHY?? More corruption, yes??? Of course, I plan on contesting, do you have any suggestions? Seriously, this...sort of stuff, really bothers me!!


Melanie : 6-11-12

I have called the mayors office for 4 months explaining I am mentally disabled living in my truck on ssdi at $1090 a month. And a war veteran There is no help from the mayor due to his involvement with golden ticket fiasco so therefor since he helped h is friends and the rich and the city , but he will not help the mentally handicapped and disabled and poor.

The parking agency sent all of my correspondents to a adress I had 14 years ago and denied me any hearing. TOday I got a emergency hearing and they keep me there 6 hours and wore me down and just flat out lied about who was in charge. In addition....I watched a guy who said he wrote them a $1200 check for tickets and they said it takes 6 months so post so write another.. I sat there for 6 hours hearing lie after lie after lie to everyone.

The city had o regards to take me and my 2 therapy dogs and throw us in the street and tow our home and make us all homeless.. Angie and Josephine at the mayors office stated they would help but never called back after 100 calls in the past 2 days and 50 in the past 4 months. I explained my actual tickets are $421 and yet they want $1185 . I can pay a 40% down payment and I explained that is beyond my one cares..they all lie. And I went to the office 5 times requesting a hearing and denied all 5 times.

Today I was told they would waive they penalties and they bullshited and denied that as well....I sat there and watched lie after lie after innocent people .the mayor is a scumbag fake jerk. There is no system for the poor or is that even acceptable or not implemented? NO system but PAY PAY PAY

Marcus K: 6-30-12

Editors note, I think Los Angeles has forgotten that governments exist to serve the people.

How do I become part of this? I was denied a refund after I mailed in proof showing I was over 350 miles away at the time this ticket was issued. This is RIDICULOUS!

Nyko H: 7-5-12

I have received a ticket for having a trailer over 22 feet parked on the street in a residential area. However, trailers designed for the transportation of a boat are exempt. My trailer is a boat trailer. Anyone can see that it is a boat trailer with its features. I appealed, sent in photos highlighting its boat trailer features like bunks, keel rollers, winch, and guide rails, and quoted the municipal code. I lost the appeal!

I'm currently waiting for the live hearing next month. A couple questions. How do I prove that I have a boat trailer? And, how can I take action against the person who wrote the ticket and the 1st level of appeals person for denying my appeal?

Thank you,

Anonymous.: 7-14-12
Editors note: people are affraid of these corrupt people.

Hello. Great site! In the process of googling LA City Ordinances regarding parking meters (and I STILL haven't found the answer anywhere), I stumbled on your site, and thought I'd share today's event.

I was at the Van Nuys Courthouse to deal with a speeding ticket from August 2012 which I'm still successfully stalling. I parked in a spot and checked the meter, discovering that it still had 1:30 on it. At that moment, a short female PEO (parking enforcement officer) walked by and said, "You'd better put some money in there." I responded,"It already has over an hour on it." She said, "It doesn't matter. You're legally required to put money in it, even when it has time, or I'll write you a ticket." I said that I'd never heard of such a thing. She claimed that my failure to put money in was somehow a "loss of revenue" for the city. Since the previous person obviously had overpaid their time, I'd think that the city already got their revenue, and my money would be akin to double payment. If they're going to insist that I pay for a meter which already has time on it, shouldn't the previous person get their money back?

For that matter, I can't stand the law that prevent us from being good samaritans. If we choose to feed some random stranger's meter, we can get cited for doing so. In other words, we're punished for doing a good deed. Doing good is illegal. I'd say that such a law is a violation of MY FREEDOMS, but that\'s a whole other discussion.

Regarding this officer's assertion that we're legally required to put money in a meter that already has time... I'd LOVE to see the ordinance regarding that. And if it\'s not true, I'd like to file a suit against LADOT for fraud. By the way, I DID get her name and badge number.

Let me know if she was right or wrong!

Amanda: 7-23-12

About four or five years ago, my son who was a student at Cal State Northridge was given a parking ticket on Nordoff Ave. at 3:00 PM where the signs said no parking after 4:00 PM. He got to his car at about 3:30 and it already had a ticket. So did the whole row of cars on that long block, which must have been at least 50 cars belonging to students who couldn't afford the university parking. Even the printed ticket said 3:00 PM so we thought we had a good case. My son Edgar Sandoval contested it, but they said he still had to pay it. I think all the other students had to pay it too.

Mary S.: 8-14-12

Hi! Today is 8/22/12. Both my husband and I do not live in LA anymore and have received notice from a collection agency that we owe for parking tickets from back in early 2008, over 4 years ago. I even paid the tickets and am now being told $ was not received on time so I am penalized. I can\'t even get copies of the tickets. I thought you can\'t collect in CA after 4 years. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Tiffany W.: 8-22-12

Hello, I used to work for an LA City Dept, and my and my co-workers kept getting parking tickets, even though our exempt placards were displayed. So many of us complained to our risk manager, and she took it up with a DOT manager. The BEST proof was when one colleague took a picture of her car with placard showing on her phone before leaving her car. When she returned from her meeting, surprise, surprise, she had a ticket that stated "no placard visible". With this proof, our risk manager was able to get all of our tickets dismissed.

Recently, I've noticed that I've been incorrectly charged by the electronic meters. In July, I parked for 1 hour in downtown LA where it is $1/hour to park. On my credit card, I was charged twice that day -- one for $1 and another for $3. Since the time limit at those meters is 2 hours, there's no way I would have paid $3. In August, I was again mischarged by those meters. I parked for 2 hours in LIttle Tokyo, where it is $1/hour with a 2 hour maximum. This time, my credit card was charged $5.

This is getting ridiculous. I am appalled by the robbery that DOT is committing. Let's do something about this!

Caroline S.: 8-24-12

Got a ticket today for parking 51mins in a 2hr spot. The spot is directly in front of my apartment. I am furious. I am a student, and I don't have the time to fight this crap or the money to pay a $58 fine I do not deserve. (Plus, why should I have to fight a ticket that was written in error? It's their fault, not mine.) I will do my best though to make sure they don't get away with this. I have already emailed my district councilman and the mayor. And I filed a complaint with the sergeant who is the citing officer's supervisor.

I bust my ass making sure I ALWAYS comply with the parking regulations since I can't afford tickets, and then even when I do comply, I still get cited. It is WRONG. And now I have to always be nervous that I will get tickets while parked legally in front of my own apartment. The paranoia makes it impossible to relax in my own home! It's HELL! This really, really sucks, and something has got to be done about it. I know there has to be hundreds of other students around my area who are getting screwed daily. They know students don't have time to fight the tickets. They are taking advantage of us. SO unethical. I can't stand it.

By the way, I also have a picture of a parking enforcement vehicle parked illegally in front of my apartment... on a red curb and in front of a fire hydrant. Fools really piss me off! I am interested in a class action.


Andrew: 8-29-12

Thanks for you response. I agree. They are criminals. I've been emailing a lady from my councilman's office. She said she would "help" me, but she doesn't give a crap about me or my concerns. She just keep telling me to do what it says on the back of the ticket. What a joke. I contested the ticket, but violations bureau told me my ticket is valid. I don't know how it's valid. They say because the fact that ticket was written is prima facie evidence of it's validity. Sounds like circular reasoning to me. What happened was that I moved my car up along the curb into a new spot, and since my tire was already marked from being in the previous spot, when the idiot came back he saw the blue chalk mark on my tire and cited me... even though I was in a completely new spot 15 to 20 feet from where I was originally parked. Plus, my word against his should be just as good if not better than his against mine. He has an incentive to give tickets (it's his job); I have an incentive to obey the regulations so I don't get tickets (that's my job). My incentive makes me more likely to be innocent; his does the opposite. Also, doesn't he work for ME? Yea, that's what I thought. Gosh I wish there were surveillance cameras there. Who knows, there might be some on the apartment building. Either way, it's probably too late now.

Anyway, if I weren't so busy with school, I'd be pouring over public records to prove that the tickets in my neighborhood are disproportionately high. Who knows, maybe after law school, this will be my first big case (haha). I'd love to get millions back for the citizens in a class action. Technically restricting parking is against our constitutional right to freedom of assembly.
Parking Enforcement illegally parking

By the way, I attached the picture to this email. Took it on my phone. The city vehicle is parked directly in front of my apartment. I see stuff like this everyday while the fools walk up and down the streets ticketing broke students for parking in front of their own homes. It makes me sick.

Thanks again for your response. I am willing to help however I can!

Feel free to keep in touch.

Andrew: 9-24-12


I wanted to commend you on your efforts. I live in downtown and have witnessed several (including my girlfriend) get ticketed, the sign fixed, but she still being charged the fine (as well as the late fee for claiming that she did not dispute the citation). Despite the fact that they changed the sign!! More recently, I noticed that parking meters on which you can use a credit card, automatically default to the max amount (4 hours) and it is very difficult if not impossible to reduce the amount in time. If it is 6:30 p.m. and the parking is in forced until 8:00 p.m., why the hell do I get charged the max four hours (until 10:00 p.m.). I want to sue for this. Let me know if you received feedback from others about this issue.

Farris A.:9-11-12


I was given a citation for expired registration even AFTER it had been paid. My efforts to dismiss the citation through the PVB have been unsuccessful. I also sent a letter to the city attorney's office, with no success.

I am interested in joining the class action suit against this thievery. Please respond with an email so that i can forward the letter in the form of an attachment.

Thank you! Keep up the good work.

Auslyn N.: 9-21-12

Unfortunately I have been abused to the point of complacency by the LACity Parking Violations Bureau. Primarily during the last six years. The abuses have in some cases had long term repercussions on my life. I have long since given up contesting tickets (not only was every ticket I ever contested denied but the denial would come after the 21 day "pay" period and I would then be forced to pay the grossly inflated late fee\'s on the tickets)

Just to give you a rough idea in roughly 70 months (since Jan. 2006) I have received over 33 parking tickets. Mind you many of them were my fault (the occasional expired meter etc). And out of the 33 some odd tickets about 55% to 60% were justifiably legitimate. I even received the same parking ticket three times in one day, all three tickets for the same violation piled up on my windshield at once. Yes, I did have expired tags, so the first one was legit, but what I experienced was a parking ticket gang bang. Every so called "community service officer" (aka meter maid) that passed my car that day preyed on it. And did you ask why my tags were expired? Well I bet you can guess... Yes I had over $700 in unpaid tickets that showed up in the DMV's system, which at the time prevented me from being able to afford to pay my, what should have been $50 annual registration fee (the car was a 1975 no smog so easy + cheap)...

"Help" I exclaimed but no one heard me and no one cared.

"Parking tickets are earned by irresponsible negligent people, driving is a privilege", said the police officer who later that month towed my car for prolonged expired tags.

The only legal history I have is one speeding ticket from when I was 20 years old. That's it period.

Don't I have just as much right to the "privilege" of driving as every other tax paying citizen who passes their driving test, and follows the laws? Especially when there are so many people driving around this city with double DUI records.

Maybe driving is less a privilege, and more about my ability to adapt to a dissfuntional system. You think they'll stop illegally and corruptly writing me parking tickets if I start leaving milk and cookie's on my car, or maybe they'd like tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, only trouble is I'll have to re-stock the hood of my car with these kind-gestures (or "mob" like tributes) every half hour to suffice the next parking enforcer that passes by.

Leading back to my original point, doesn't this beg the question that if any percentage of tickets; be it 55% or 1%, are unfounded then the department needs assessment and re-evaluation to ensure it's proper function?? Or has the government become so complacent that they'll turn a blind eye when a money making department goes rogue. Maybe this department needs federal mandating. Employee's of the USPS understand the weight of what they're doing. Every single piece of mail is treated with respect, and care. Why isn't the same importance placed on these employee's. These tickets are treated very seriously, every ticketee is held accountable, but the people issuing the tickets are not accountable anything, their resume's probably couldn't even get them hired at Starbucks. (No offense to any Starbuck's barista's intended)

The LACity Parking Violations Bureau should be ashamed of what seems to be their "write tickets, and ingore questions later" policy. Do they truly believe that every single individual who atempts to contest a parking ticket is just trying to get out of paying for their own mistake?? The bottom line is no one like's making mistakes, especially when one makes a mistake at work. Until the training and hiring standards for the employees of this agency are raised at least to a level comparable to the job, contested tickets should be taken much more seriously.

Do these people even get ethics training? Or at least MMPI testing, certainly being loathed for one's job is not for everyone, psych evals seem in order here.

I shouldn't need protection from a bureau that's purpose is to keep our streets clean and free of traffic jams.

In short, an outrageous, and just plain stupid (on the part of the issuer) ticket that I received two days ago has re-inspired me to fight back. Launching a full scale inquiry into how to contest a ticket and beat it (this time), is the source of my finding this website..

Lastly I wanted to share this article I chanced upon during my research this afternoon..

- There are 10 parking enforcement employees for the 1.3-square-mile beach city southwest of downtown Los Angeles, and they pull down some disproportionate compensation, considering their job functions. In fact, the two highest-earning employees for fiscal year 2011-12 are estimated to have made more than $92,000 and $93,000, respectively, according to city documents provided by Patrick “Kit” Bobko, one of five council members"


Yours truly,
A Disgruntled Angeleno

A Disgruntled Angeleno: 9-22-12

Thank you for your web site. My husband just received a notice in the mail 9-28-12 which was a notice of delinquent parking violation for 9-1-12. At first i was really mad at him for not saying anything but then when we looked at the information given time, date, and location it didn\'t add up. He is always home on Sat mornings and the location it supposedly happen is far from where we live it's not like he took a quick drive to the grocery store. So then we thought ok well he has to fight this but how? How can we prove he wasn't there? Even worse we couldn't explain how the officer made a mistake when writing a ticket to show his cars info. But after reading things from this site im shocked, but that explains how, and why. Now i guess all we have left is to follow your advice (even if he doesn't win this one) at least we knew what steps to follow. Thank You any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

A. Contreras: 9-28-12

Have spent some time on your website as I found it while doing preparation in my case against the City of Los Angeles that goes to trial on 11/30/12. I am suing the City of Los Angeles after first filing a claim with the City via the City Clerk over parking citations that keep getting issued near my business for violation of Municipal Code Section 80.69(c)- parking over the time limit. There is no signage posted and the Parking Violations Bureau and Dept. of Transportation allege they have conducted "an on-site investigation" that states "The Investigation has concluded that the signs were sufficiently clear and visible and, therefore the citation must be considered valid." I am suing for fraud and misrepresentation as well as the ticket cost. Seeking $6,000 in punitive damages + the $124.00 citation cost. If successful, would like to donate some of this money to the cause of getting your "class action lawsuit" going further down the road to fruition. Do you or anyone you know have any experience in the approach I am taking to "financially punish" a corrupt City of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau for fraud and misrepresentation of material fact? Let me know, would love to share my experiences to date with the Parking Violations Bureau.

Rick: 10-12-12

my wife works far enough from where we live that the only time her car is anywhere near her workplace is when she's actually at work. they have an employees-only, FREE parking structure (you have to have a badge to get in, not accessible to general public for any reason). we randomly got a parking citation by mail saying she was parked at an address just a few blocks from where she works, at a time when she was definitely in the parking structure. what baffled me was that they obtained her license plate at all, since the cars aren't visible from the street once in the structure, and not even pedestrian traffic is allowed in the private structure (it's quite strictly secured).

then i remembered that several months before, i was borrowing her car for the day and when i went to pick her up at the end of her work day, i got a legitimate ticket for stopping in the red: my phone rang & it was an emergency, so the ticket was the least of my concerns, and i paid it, kicking myself, but not angry that i got ticketed for something that was so clearly illegal. of course, i find myself a little annoyed that they can arrive instantaneously (i was stopped for a very brief moment, ended the call, and when i went to release the brake pedal, the parking enforcement person was knocking on my window---had they been there from the start? i really don\'t know). it just seems that when you actually need a public employee for your safety or to report damages (burglary, hit & run), they\'re scarce. oh well. i didn't give it too much thought until the false ticket later came in.

the best way i can interpret what happened with the more recent ticket is that the person who issued the original ticket kept my wife's info handy for when they were running low on their quota? the frightening thing is, if she didn't have the parking structure where she parks on weekdays, and if we actually lived or did business in that area at all, we would have just assumed it was our mistake. but in this case, we know for a fact that she had never been parked at the location the ticket was issued for---not only was it a couple blocks away from her work place, but it was in front of a bar that\'s closed during the day. the only places she visits in the day time are in the other direction from her work building, and she WALKS to them, leaving her car safely parked in her workplace's private structure. we are certain about this matter, but i shudder to think how many people they're falsifying tickets about who actually believe it was their oversight or mistake, since it's easy to forget where exactly your car was every moment of the preceding weeks if you have to utilize the randomly available street parking (which is the case for most people in this particular area).

we contested the ticket, but found it was a bit hard to make a case. it's not like we had prepared photos in advance to prove where her car was just in case she ever received a fraudulent ticket! we never suspected this sort of thing went on!!! we contested it by explaining that not only had she never been at the location in question, but that her car had been parked in a private structure at the time the ticket was issued. they made us pay the ticket anyhow, and we had no idea what recourse we had, or how to deal with this. we thought it was a fluke. ONE bad employee, who probably wouldn't commit the same crime against her a second time (they probably had a whole stack of other people to issue fraudulent tickets to next time they found themselves needing more citations).

but just last week we got another illegitimate ticket, in our own neighborhood, on a different (rental) car. which is when i decided to research the matter to see what we'd done wrong the first time, to see if we could be more successful this time around. we were stunned to see that a parking ticket in our neighborhood (city of L.A.) is currently $73. WHAAAAT??? our last two tickets were $42 and then $58. when did they go up to $73? this is just getting ridiculous. and now we may have to worry about random fraudulent tickets. GREAT. that's just awesome. fighting tickets doesn't seem to be successful, from our own experience, and from reading everyone else's testimonies.

this website is a great way to accumulate these stories, but i still feel like i have NO IDEA how we will ever win. who is going to listen? people complaining about parking tickets just sound like disgruntled people who won't take responsibility for their own mistakes and are full of excuses. in a way, the parking enforcement folks are pretty clever, because they know this as well as i do. and they also know that politicians (and even other citizens who have not yet received fraudulent tickets) would be very reluctant to actually believe this kind of thing is going on.

one last comment: folks who are taking photos of the parking enforcement cars parked illegally in front of hydrants and in handicap spots (even when plenty of other spots are open), are you getting the vehicle #s? it seems smart to make sure you have specific details on those cars, and then report them not only to the parking enforcement bureau, but to an organization that advocates for the handicapped, and to the fire department (in the case of the hydrant). at least in these cases, they're not just breaking their own rules, they\'re stepping on other people's toes---people who can (unlike us) actually probably make something really happen. seriously, don't just submit this photos to this site. there are folks in the handicap community who are making real progress in their activism against people ignoring and trampling their right to accessible spaces, who i'm sure would LOVE to take these crooks to task over this sort of thing.

Max: 10-16-12

I am trying to help a coworker fight 2 LA parking tickets that he received by mail for locations he has never been. He has no details about the tickets other than a citation number, address, and violation description. He has requested copies of these tickets by mail and received a letter stating that the meter was working correctly. He only has 16 days left to contest the ticket, but they require you to present your case and payment when you contest the ticket. He has no way to prove his whereabouts since he doesn\'t even know what time the alleged ticket was issued. He has sent another letter clearly stating he wants to be sent a copy of the ticket. My guess is that they will ignore that request. The odd thing is that the first ticket is 6 months ago, but they haven\'t added any late fees.

I never knew this kind of corruption was so common. They send you a totally bogus ticket and then put the burden of proof on you to prove that you weren't there. They will only accept mailed correspondence, but they refuse to read the letters you send. Something really needs to be done. These cops are criminals too lazy to do their own jobs just in hopes that people will just pay the fines and not fight.

Thank you for this site, I'm glad I stumbled across it. We would be happy to provide any details and letters to help establish a pattern of this corruption and that it needs to be dealt with.

Daniel: 10-18-12

I know for a fact the extreme corruption of Parking enforcement and the OPG's that are the fat cats funneling the money to the Counil members and Mayor and everyone in between....I was working for one of these fat cats...and its pretty disgusting...

My dream would be to blow the fucking roof off of their system...but how? If you have any suggestions...feel free to call me..or e-mail me

Monique: 10-22-12

I am a recent victim of a couple bogus parking tickets. One over a year and half ago where an officer pushed our just recently smashed up car. The other where I was parked in a zone that says i was allowed to park and was ticketed.

My reason for contacting you is I fed up with how the city is handling this. I want to get a group of people together that can potentially and hopefully turn into a bunch more to contest the unfair works of the LA Parking Violations Bureau. Skills i can bring to the table: I am a website designer and developer and would love to work with someone where I can create something that can get this going where LA can rise.

Please let me know any information on anything you have. Everyone needs to get together in one spot. If not, nothing will ever happen and LA will win.

Cameron: 10-22-12

You say to pay the fine as soon as possible, and to pay it when you contest. Not needed.

You can file a waiver while going thru the contesting process, its online. I like your sight, but you can do so much more with it. I have succesfully fought and had tickets dismissed based on the laws, the city charter, the uniform sign control manual, and many other writings. I am fighting one right now for a ticket received in a diagnol space where in I fed the wrong meter. There was no conspicuous signs and my meter was hidden by some type of sign, and not "adjacent to" my space. I may forwar you some of the letters I wrote to get tickets dismissed if I can find them. Do you know where to look for the regulations and requirements on installing meters? That is what I need to knwo. And thanks for the information about having a year to go to court, they lied to me. Thanks

Gerald: 10-22-12

I have a photo of a parking enforcement vehicle in Los Angeles (license plate in plain view), parked IN FRONT OF A FIRE HYDRANT RED ZONE, while the officer was ticketing cars of parents picking their children up from school. They were parked legally in 15-minute spots. He had a watch.

Any idea how I can file a formal complaint?

Erik: 11-14-12

Red curb, fire hydrant
Red curb, fire hydrant. They can, we can't.
I can't say that the officer was writing illegal tickets. I can only say that he was looking at his watch repeatedly and pacing up and down the street while waiting for school parents to go over the 15-minute mark with their parked cars. School got out late that day, and the officer was cleaning up!

Here's a picture of where he was parked. I don't think it can get more blatant than this. On the opposite side of the street, you'll notice NO parked cars, as parents had rushed to move their cars to another block in order to avoid getting ticketed by this jerk.

Erik: 12-8-12

I received a ticket for a parking citation stating I was parked in a no parking/no stopping zone for apparently two hours.

I also have a banking transaction stating my card was charged for a meter spot that day. I parked in a legitimate spot. I also have a phone record from a phone call I received that day as I was LEAVING the city....which means I was not in that parking spot for the duration I was accused of.

I remember looking at the parking meter as I was leaving my appointment that day, excited that I has JUST made it without the meter expiring and that I didn\'t have a ticket on my windshield.

Since I wasn't aware I received a ticket, I wasn't looking for one in the mail. So now I owe approximately $200 to the city for a citation I'm not guilty of....and I can not fight it.

Jenny W.: 12-5-12

I just happened to find this site. Recently I was issued a ticket with the wrong address. I was parked a block away from where the ticket states. Unfortunately I did't see this until I drove away, and don't have a picture. Still I didn't even discover my car had a ticket until a day after it was issued since it was issued over the weekend and I was home until school Monday morning. How can I begin to fight this. I sent in a letter explaining what the case was and was stated that the ticket is still considered valid because I didn't provide enough proof. If I go to court what\'s the best thing to do? Is there anyone to contact? The actual space I was parked in is legal to park (non-operating driveway) my ticket says I was parked blocking the operating driveway of a house which is not the case. Is there any way to fight this or am I just at the mercy of this system that seems impossible. If I park anywhere can they just lie and write a ticket saying I was anywhere?


Cindy: 12-7-12

My daughter had run off to Los Angeles with her boy friend in my car. I started getting parking tickets so I paid them to keep the car from being towed. I did not want her to be stranded without a car. After several months she came back home to Alabama. I received two more tickets after she came home, but they were from the day she left so I paid them. One was an expired meter and one was a no parking zone. The fines were $63.00 and $73.00 respectively. I mailed in the $136.00 total. The parking enforcment misapplied the funds to the wrong tickets and billed me for an additional $108.00. I wrote them and stated that I was not responsible for their in house accounting error and they sent me a letter stating that the one ticket was clear, but the now $98.00 balance of the other ticket was under review. That was a few weeks ago and I haven\'t heard anything further at this point, but expect that I will.

Mark H.: 12-19-12

Hi There,

I have a solution to the parking enforcement corruption. I was hoping you could write about it or re-post.

here it is

Zippy: 12-27-12

Seems like in people's minds they cannot win, so they don't push back. This is how we lose our freedom and unjust practices like LA parking take control.

Maybe a well-worded petition at might cause some waves if it goes viral on Facebook / Twitter?

We could target people complaining specifically about LA city parking.

I was out shopping today, which is a Sunday (12/30/2012), and I parked on the street next to the shop I went to in Silver Lake where I have for many years. There is two hour parking (un metered) except Sundays, and street sweeping on Fridays on this street, and nowhere in Silver Lake is there a permit required for parking that I have ever seen. After maybe 20 min, I returned to my vehicle to find a ticket, and looked around to see that every car on the street had one as well. The ticket states that I had no permit displayed, even though no permit is required on this street. How can these people get away with this sort of blatant harassment to the tax paying citizens of this city?

Jon G.: 12-30-12

I have a ticket we were fighting and instead of getting a say on the administrative hearing, we have a new ticket for more than double the original. 73$ to 171$. how does this happen? it is for a street cleaning infraction, the sign is completely covered by tree branches, and still is. i have pics to prove it, sent them in, and didn\'t win so requested a hearing. never got any word just this huge increase in the amount now due. unbelievable.

Emily: 1-5-13

In July 2012 I had parked on Melrose near Highland.
When I got out of the car another car hit my car, that other car was driving blindly probably while on the phone.
I went to the other car which had stopped to take the necessary information of the other driver.
Within a minute parking enforcement gave me a ticket for meter non payment.
My door was hanging off onto Melrose...The parking predator did not even ask if anyone was hurt.
I have not paid for this ticket which was around $45.00 , and now it is up to 165.00..
I have sent at least ten letters to the department with nothing but robotic response.
When I immediately requested a hearing with a signature required letter it was held in the post office for a month at least.
I had to research where it was and I picked it up as no one processed it.
I am a resident on Fuller Avenue and have preferential parking placards mailed to me quarterly...I did send the request in the wrong envelope..And/but the post office was exactly 30 feet away from the location (next door) of the payments office on Pico...They could have easily forwarded it...but didn\'t...The manager of the post office is my witness to this...of course now that 21 days has past ...every request I make , and I have made more than ten of them in person and by registered letters form letter return to me... no human connection...
If you could advise me or do something I will gladly cooperate with more information

thank you,

Norman K: 2-6-13

So apparently they are so desperate to pull money they are now forging complete lies. I receieved a ticket in the mail on the 5th of Febuary, 2013, claiming I had parked illegally at 934 Wall ST S by an Officer Jackson serial no 2993 of Beat 657 Agency 56.

The best parts of that was my car that was ticketed is a White Dodge, they claim it to be a Grey Mazda. Even better part was this car hasn\'t even been to LA county in over 7 months, and never to that area of LA. Furthermore, on the day in question, I wasn\'t even in California, I was on the USS G.W. Bush off the coast of Virginia. Yes, that\'s right, they are taking advantage of military people that are out of state, and aren\'t stationed within a two hour drive of LA (I\'m stationed further up north). Lucky for me, I came back before the 21 days BS. In contest now, they will probably try and burn me.

Michael B: 2-6-13

Editors note, I asked where the car was parked while he on on the USS G. W. Bush.

No I haven't paid, nor will I. I will goto my Congressman before that happens. My car was parked on base at nas lemoore, ca 5 hours north.

Michael B: 2-6-13

Editors note, Naval Air Station Lemoore is near Fresno. This is not the first car parked in the Fresno area to get a mailed ticket from Los Angeles.

I am so glad that I am not the only one this is happening to. I only found out that I had fraudulent tickets because I did get a recent ticket for parking over time. I am always responsible and pay if I happen to get a ticket (not very often because I make sure I park in legal spots and pay the meters).

Today I went to the site to pay my $58.00 ticket received on 1/22/13 only to find out that I had "received" 12 tickets on 12 other dates and locations since 7/9/12. I have never been to any of these locations! I'm aware of some of their locations but have never even heard of some of them!! I never received paper tickets on my car or by the mail. I do not have the money to pay the $818.00 fines. I am going to write letters to all of your suggested contacts but what else can I do? I feel like I should try to get this out on the news or something. Can we try this together??? I am fuming!!!

Please help,

Heather: 2-7-13

Let me start out by saying that I am disabled and do have a legal placard. I still received a citation for parking illegally in a handicap zone. I did have it , but forgot to hang it up. That wasn\'t a problem, what was a problem was that because of my disability I forgot to include all necessary papers along with the $25.00 processing fee that they asked me to send in. And i did send it in within 2 weeks of receiving citation, I forgot to send a copy of placard. I did send a copy of placard registration along with a check and the citation tear off at bottom of the notice they sent. . I just found out last week that I had forgotten that one item. This is after months of phone calls, letters, and driving down to van nuys office, and phone calls to the number on the ticket which ends up being a call center. They say I waited to long. They won\'t let me request an arraignment or trail.
They keep saying its to late and too bad you had surgery and were on pain medication.
If it hadn't been for the pain meds I am on or the spinal procedures I indure several times a year, I might have been lucid enough to remember to make one more copy. So I payed the fine today because it just kept going up. But to me it's the principal, why should I pay $465.00 for being disabled? Why am I being discriminated against because my pain medication makes me forgetful? Am I wrong.

Alma C.: 2-12-13

I just need some help on how to contest these tickets. I went to the parking authority hearing, yesterday. As soon as I walked in the Bailiff was acting weird. I go speak with the "hearing" lady and she's asking me all these questions, about when I got my car, when I had it etc... I had just purchase my car a couple months ago. But I did not have possession of it (registration under my name, etc.) until about 4 weeks ago. I got my car towed, when it was parked in legal parking. The towing company gives me run around until I find out where my car is (3 days) I try to call the number as they are telling me I must go to the DMV first, then the "Parking Authority", then "parking citation hearing" etc.. before I can get my car out, this is taking me all across los Angeles for tickets that are not mine. I finally get to the "DMV" they know about when my car was purchased in their computer and they determine the previous tickets aren\'t mine. They rescind the tickets off my record then give me paper work to prove that it isn't mine.

I go to the "Parking authority meeting" and the lady there is asking me questions, trying to catch me in a lie. I answer every question precisely, then she keeps sending me out for 20- 25mins then calling me back in, as she is calling whomever to find a way to have me pay for these tickets that aren't mine. At the end she calls me up, and in front of others says that she thinks that I "Bought my car, after the car was towed". Which made no sense, and accuses me of "Fraud" as people go and buy other peoples towed car's, and then try to not pay the fines etc.. Which I felt even that was the case, the tickets wouldn't be under me (the new owner) but the previous one. She is telling me that they are under me, and tells me that I have to get the "Bill of Sale" of my car and it cannot be "Hand written" or signed by me, but must be notarized by the DMV.

I go to the DMV the same day and they tell me that the DMV doesn't and has never ever notarized " Bill of Sales", then I'm told they do not take "Bill of Sale" from private owners, and they only take them from "Car Dealerships" that's when I called Irate and asked if that was even legal? the fact that a private owner's bill of sale, has less rights or is not even looked at in the same light as a car dealer ship "Bill of Sale" was very strange.

She did this, because I told her I didn't have a way to get to the towing company, and I think she called the towing company and told them to "not allow me" to go and get anything out of my car. As the tow company now is saying, "they can't let anyone go into the car until all the tickets are paid". This is entirely insane and has seriously cost me the last 2 week so my life. Then she started to question me on why I didn't come to the "Parking Authority" office sooner to file for my car? mind you I had been trying to call for weeks but they do not have a "number" and you must come in person to the hearing office, as they try to hide and shield people from finding out where to go. This was all strange, then after our conversation the Bailiff was "giggling and chuckling" as if he knew I was going to get screwed. Even the people in the waiting room were shocked. But she messed up, I had a copy of my "Bill of Sale" in the car. My original copy I keep at a friend of mines house. I don't know what to do. I have a "vibe" if I go in with my "Bill of Sale" that she is going to make up some new ridiculous thing that I need like "The title of my car" that is in the car, and I won't be able to get it. I'm trying to request a new hearing officer. But as the days go on I owe more and more on the towing ($ 826.00)and will go up, I have to wait until Tuesday for another hearing so you can basically ass 200.00 to that. This is insane, I did nothing to these people but purchase my car, now I was getting accused of fraud and that I purchased my car just after it was towed, as my car was just registered with the DMV at that date (paid it all off), even though the DMV already showed it was all legit, the lady claimed that, "They can require whatever they want for proof, and they aren't the DMV", but funny how the DMV is what regulates the paper work they are requiring though right? if this goes the way I think it's going. I'm going to use every fiber of my being to get her fired, and sue the parking authority. Please email me ASAP, as I have to go back in on Tuesday to try and re-contest these citations...

Jim J.: 2-16-13

Editor note, basically Parking Extortion stole the car and is holding it for ransom, making up rules as need be to always come out on top. Note they were hiding and requiring the impossible and contradicting themselves.

I'm contacting you on behalf of my friend who was parked in a commercial loading space in a passenger vehicle for about 3 minutes loading out some lamps from her friend\'s uncles old shop on 6th st. As she was walking out with the lamps, she was alarmed to see a police officer writing up a ticket and a tow truck just behind him. The tow truck did NOT have her car loaded, but claimed that once he was under her tires, the vehicle was considered towed. Both the officer and the tow driver were very rude and would not discuss the situation with her at all. The policeman urged the tow driver to take her car away and left the scene. Once he left, the tow driver told my friend that if she paid $232 on the spot that he would release her car and she wouldn't have to go to the tow yard. He also made sure to let her know "Lady, I have real problems" haha. wow. I feel like one... the policeman was in the wrong to have ticketed her for a parking violation and two that the tow driver was illegally collecting a tow fee from my friend. I want to help her contest this as she's only visiting from Iowa and is totally distraught, because they drained her of over $300. According to LADOT, "yellow curb zones are used in commercial districts where heavy freight loading is common. The zones may be used when actively loading or unloading freight, but for no longer than 30 minutes unless a personal parking meter is used. Passenger loading is also permitted in these zones for less than 5 minutes. In the city of Los Angeles, yellow curb zones are effective 7:00 am - 6:pm. Monday through Saturday. Parking is permitted during non-restricted times. " well she definitely passenger loading for well under 5 minutes.. HOWEVER... here's the strange catch.. all meters surrounding the yellow curb zone were occupied. Though posted street signs said no parking from 7am-9am. She was there around 8:30. because of the meters being occupied, it didnt even occur to her to review the posted sign way the hell down the street. Do you guys have any advice as to how to contest this ticket (near) tow & seemingly illegal collection of $232 on the spot

Katie: 2-21-13

I received a mail ticket claiming my vehicle was in Santa Monica on 12/29/12. I HAVE NOT BEEN TO LOS ANGELES IN MANY, MANY YEARS. I live in San Diego and was in San Diego that day. I provided a copy of a receipt proving I was at a restaurant in SD at the time of the citation. Nonetheless, my first 2 levels of appeal have been denied. I even submitted a witness statement confirming my vehicle never left the county. The hearing officer discredited her statement because she failed to provide a copy of her driver's license. That is not a requirement under any circumstance. They have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to deny our appeal. Now I can appeal to the superior court. Any advice on how to do this? I feel lost.

Lisa: 2-25-13

Hi there,

Found your site and think it's great.

I wanted to know what your thoughts on since you clearly know a lot about this. I received a parking ticket and paid it promptly to the City of Los Angeles. The check was cashed a week after I wrote it. I forgot about it...for a little while. Then less than two weeks later I received a notice in the mail (dated over a week after they cashed my check) stating that my payment was late and threatening late fees within a few weeks after the notice. I immediately called and contested it. I expected that they would be able to look up their own bank records and find the payment, but instead the burden of proof appears to be on me, and they told me I had to mail them proof of payment and they would place a hold on my ticket, review the proof and mail me their decision.

Now I'm just waiting... since I no longer trust them in any way I called a week after I mailed proof to be SURE they received it. I can see them saying 'we never received anything' and then get slapped with another notice. They did receive it and are reviewing it. Has this happened to anyone you know of? How can they have cashed my check and not attributed it to my parking ticket? Do you had any advice if they don't drop it?

Thank you in advance.


Romina: 3-12-13

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm still deep in the throes of mass confusion and corruption that is the Los Angeles Parking Bureau. I'm passionately against injustice, and so I've been appalled to read all of the complaints against the bureau. I definitely will reach out to the city officials. I have learned from my prior mistake, and sent the documentation (proof of payment) via certified mail with delivery confirmation. I have received several letters, the latest stating that they received my documentation and will get back to me to let me know if a refund is in order, and if they find that I deserve a refund I'll receive a check within 30 days, 'no further action required on your part at this time'. The whole thing makes no sense because I didn't request a refund, so now I have no idea what's going on with the situation and plan to follow up tomorrow to find out the meaning of this letter. At least I know they can't say they didn't receive my contestation/documents in time, and I plan to take it to an administrative hearing as well if necessary. They picked the wrong (broke) person to mess with. Thanks!

Romina: 3-24-13

I got Two worng citation tickets issued to my two car. My first car didnt travel to San Fransicisco but ticket was on my car bySFMTA for $83.00 saying vehicle was driven away before officer was able to attach citation. This is complete lie because my car was in los angeles, i was working here, never traveled there.

I got another notice of delinquent parking violation to my2nd car by LA CITY PARKING.I was in long beach that day, the whole day. I didnt get the citation tickets info by mail but the only letter it came is the NOTICE OF DELINQUENT PARKING VIOLATION to extort me for $93.00.

This is naked corruption.

Karki: 3-13-13

i received a ticket (in the mail after it DOUBLED!) saying i parked at an expired meter. I know for a fact i ALWAYS park in the Trader Joe\'s parking lot, NOT in the metered parking next to the lot.

I think the parking enforcement goes through the parking lot and scans VIN #\'s. Anyway, I am FURIOUS and I\'m ready to take this to the media (my husband is a journalist and loves to fight wrongs).

Tracey L.: 3-20-13

yes it does help!

Thank you.

It really sucks that they pull shit like this and the burden of proof is on us. How do you prove where you were if you have nothing to show you were there. I was home sick! Those f-ing assholes! On the paper that asks if you want an in person hearing it says something like... IF YOU FILL THIS OUT AND SIGN IT YOU ARE WAIVING YOUR RIGHT TO AN IN PERSON HEARING... I'm going to request one and do my best to fight it. I will DEFINITELY file a complaint against the officer that "cited" me. Thanks again,

Tracey: 3-24-13

Are you still looking into the Fraudulent Parking Tickets? Via a collection agency, I just found out that I have an outstanding parking ticket from February 4, 2008 outside LAX. I was never in LA on that date, nor had I even DRIVEN in LA up to that time. The ticket was for a car make & model I don't drive, nor have ever driven AND my car with its CA license plate, that apparently got the ticket, was sitting in New York State on the date that the violation apparently occurred. I had just moved back to to NY from CA the month prior- my car was +3,000 miles away. I am outraged and angry that this could effect my credit score. I had just moved from SF to NY and the LADOT was sending this supposed ticket violation to an address I no longer resided in.

Lucy C.: 3-25-13

My family was on vacation in Hollywood and we paid $2.00 to a parking meter for an hour of parking. Five (5) minutes after we walked away, we were cited for an expired meter.. I contacted my bank and got proof of when the purchase of the ticket went through, (10:37PM) and we received the ticket at 10:42PM. We appealed the ticket and sent in out proof and the LAPD Parking enforcement sent us a letter back saying that it was our fault, that we should have known the meter was broken. I am confused because if the meter was broken, why did it take my money. How am I suppose to know that a meter is broken... I am going to fight this to the end and get them on fraud charges

Lisa L: 3-25-13

I just received a citation \"reminder\" today. Here\'s the deal...I have never been to Los Angeles. The license plate number is a CA plate...all my cars have NM plates. Since this obviously isn\'t my car...can I just ignore it?

Buena: 3-25-13

Editors note: I advised Buena to pay the fine and fight it.

I received a "Notice of Enforcement Sanctions" a few days ago (April 5th, 2013)for a ticket that has been issued on 12/06/2012. The ticket is for "NO STOP/STAND AM" and is entered at 8:53am.

I have never received a notice, nor any form of communication from Parking enforcement for those several months. Now, I owe them $235, I cannot re-register my vehicle, and apparently if I don't pay, I will be given to a collection agency. I found (from other websites) that there are people working for the City of LA (NOT parking enforcement) that one can contact about problems like this, their names are Patricia Cunningham and Max Reyes, yet when I tried to call their offices it appeared that the numbers given have been disconnected. Do you know their new numbers, or if they're not around anymore, how I can talk to the new employees who are charged with policing Parking Enforcement?

Thank you so much for your help!!!


you can see below, i got the LADOT and L.A. City Engineering to admit that some temporary signs were missing on Temescal Canyon, re: construction being done there

Point was, signs missing, it happens, but the parking bitch didn't care. AN OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your time, in advance
There is construction on one side of Temescal Canyon due to DWP Stormwater Construction, reducing the parking and width of the road.
I and many other people park on the side of the street where parking is allowed, as it is up until 10 pm.
Lo and behold, it turns out that-in my and many other people's opinion, except the parking officer, that you cannot park here because the one remaining lane-which is the width of a parking lane-is actually a bike lane.
Therefore a $93 parking ticket is being issued to about 30 cars, and for about a year and a half according to parking officer Murphy.
Well many, many streets do not have bike lanes.
No reasonable person would assume that a lane that is greater than the width of a car, that is not narrow like a bike lane, that is not at the curb, and is not marked with the little bicycle figures, is in fact a bike lane, and not a parking lane
The signage says no parking from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., repeated by multiple signs
In any event, there obviously is a problem, that no one has rectified. You cannot continue to give tickets for a year and a half in an ambiguous situation
The officer said that she is trying to protect bicyclists. Sure, an admirable position.
But this is a RUSE. Because if the entire large area is being entirely filled by cars, then the BICYCLISTS are not being protected by allowing this situation to exist this long.
Again, Bicyclists are not being protected. People are honestly parking here, they are not flaunting or snubbing their nose at the law, not being careless or disrespectful
I respect the parking officers, it's not a popular job. And also, when people deserve a ticket, they deserve the ticket
The Construction project going on here at PCH & Temescal Canyon is a special Proposition O project to spoke the pollution into the ocean. DWP is doing the actual work
I spoke to TWO engineers working on the project. I visited the City of Los Angeles Engineering Office at 1838 Sawtelle Blvd
The first one said that if there is not to be parking due to construction, it would be the responsibility of the LA DOT to ensure that it is clearly marked. They can be reached at (818) 599-3372
The second engineer said that TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION signs were originally posted not to park in this section, but the signs have disappeared. They can be reached at (626)967-2754.
Attached is a printout I received from the Los Angeles Department of Engineering, and the contact people that I spoke to learn this information
Further, I visited the Western Region City of Los Angeles DOT Office at 1838 Sawtelle Blvd, 1st Floor. They said they would go out and look at the site.
They went over the pictures with me. They said that to a layman the striping would look like a parking lane, not a bicycling lane. Since all the of signs are the original ones saying no parking from 10 P.M. to 5 A.M., they agreed that people would reasonably park here. One bicycling lane sign way up the road would not take precedence over the multiple signs that come after, as noted.
Citizens could reasonably assume that the bicycling lane disappeared, if they actually considered it I think Parking Officer Murphy is in the wrong. She is the one working this street. When I went back the next night to ask her about the situation, she was very defensive as though many people had complained, and she was almost acting like she was defending herself in court, so to speak It is my opinion that an officer's job, including a police officer, is not just to fine, punish, arrest, etc.
A police officer would be insulted if people though all they do is arrest people. Judges if all people thought they do is find people guilty. It's the opposite; policemen and women are peace officers who uphold the law. Judges administer the law. And parking officers, under the LADOT, are supposed to manage traffic/parking, not just give tickets.
I've paid plenty of parking tickets that I've deserved. It keeps the city moving; people must comply with the parking rules. I've never, ever challenged a parking ticket. I just paid one last month on this car without a peep (check the records).
But here Officer Murphy should have reported back to whomever that an area is not properly marked. By not doing so, this results in bicyclists not being protected, and people getting unnecessary tickets where people did not intend to, or irresponsibly so, illegally park.
It gives the parking officers a bad name here.
LADOT called me to tell me thanks for my patience and understanding, and as of this writing signs have been placed noting the no parking in this section
Please see the attached TIMESTAMPED Pictures & Maps. Please see the attached L.A. Dept of Engineering Page on the Project.
Note, that the "No Parking" sign was added AFTER the citations were written. Right image, a new sign was added below the others.
I have saved all the voicemails from all the engineering firm, and the LADOT backing this up
I have on standby, if I need to, for this situation:
Frederick Sutton
Council District 11
Councilmember Mike Bonin
1645 Corinth Ave., Room 201
Los Angeles, CA 90025
310-575-8461 tel.
310-575-8305 fax

Frank S.: 8-22-13

I can send a copy of our letter I wrote the city and other document if it would help - summer of 2009. I received a ticket/warrant in the mail stating that I had parked in a red zone in Silver Lake. I don't park in read zones number 1. Plus I went to the intersection they said my car was at and the only red zone is at a stop sign. Which I have passed from time to time but only stop because of the sign. To sum it up we appealed (car is registered in my name and my partner's)which wasn't easy and when our case was heard at a store front in downtown LA they denied our case. We were so furious the battle almost tore our message apart so we decided to give up. Barry, my partner, passed away recently and I am ready for a fight.

I wish I had know of your site years ago. If you need me to testify or what every? let me know.

Michael M.: 8-26-13

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