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Other Parking Citations Received by Other Victims in Other Cities

This is just a quick summary of other parking citation abuses suffered by other people at the hands (or pens) of corrupt law enforcement. The following comments are personal opinions and stories by these people. This web site takes no responsibility for these comments. It is clear that there are many people who feel wronged and helpless to defend themselves. Unless we fight back, there is little to stop Parking Enforcement Officers from giving citations to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are actually illegally parked or even parked at all. These letters were received before the Forum section of this site was ready.

Many cities have corruption in Parking Enforcement. Los Angeles may be the worst.

Note: These are in oder of date, newest at the bottom.

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I received an e-mail from someone who was parked on his driveway. Pasadena.


City of Bell, California

After having two cars impounded in one month, I started doing my homework. It seems Robert Rizzo and the City Manager of Bell had annual salaries of over $400,000.00, from fees generated by impounds, code violations and parking tickets. This racket is the template of most cities throughout the USA and even the world. This subtle yet horrific manner of robbing people violates the US Constitution (4th Amend.), Federal RICO laws, State Felony for Grand Theft, Burglary 1st && 2nd degree, Money Laundering, Bribery, Conflict of Interest between "Police Garages" and private criminal impound lots, Extortion, Title Fraud, PATRIOT ACT DEFINES TERROR ACT AS THAT WHICH AFFECTS INTERSTATE COMMERCE, POLITICAL AND/OR MILITARY OBJECTIVES, by towing cars without probable cause, you affect interstate commerce and fraudulently acquire property to deprive the owner of their property permanently or by making them pay for its release. That is Felony racketeering folks, and time has come to make! ROBERT RIZZO the poster boy of our cause... File Criminal Complaints!!!

Jon Q Citizen: 12-23-10

City of Hawaiian Gardens, California

July 16, 2011 I was infuriated when I recieved a ticket for my car being in L.A. when I wasn\'t there. I saw your site, took your advice, and sent in a check on which I wrote the following in large letters in red ink: "I AM SENDING THIS CHECK UNDER EXTREME PROTEST BECAUSE I WAS NOT IN THE PLACE AND TIME OF THE ALLEGED CITATION". I sent a letter today, via certified mail just over 1 page long, asking for a hearing and protesting the citation. I will provide the letter, but I want to know if you are still active. The last posting on \"cars that are not there\" appears to be in March, and that is a while back. Please respond as soon as you can.

Scott: 7-16-1

Hi SLAPEC - Good, you are active. I thought I would get an email from you and didn't. I am Scott and I sent the email on 7-16-11. I am scheduled for an administrative hearing with the county of Los Angeles, Parking Enforcement Detail in a place called Hawaiian Gardens on Thursday, August 18, 2011. I don't trust these people. I have a feeling they are going to try to screw me at this hearing. A few weeks before this, when I received their second letter stating "We received your inquiry and conducted an initial investigation regarding the citation listed below. The investigation has confirmed that the citation was properly issued and is valid" - THAT'S BULLSH**!! I KNEW THEY WERE SCREWING ME, because I had sent them a copy of my scientific field notes, in detail with periodic time updates for the day of the alleged parking violation, May 9, 2011, demonstrating I was in Riverside County when they said I was in Los Angeles, and I sent a copy of my work timesheet with my hours for that day, showing I worked a full day on May 9, 2011, and reinforcing my field note record. I never got a citation because I was never in the alleged L.A. location: 447 E 126th St. I have never been there in my life. I had to Google it because I didn't have a clue where that is. It's somewhere near San Pedro. On the day of the alleged parking violation I was in Menifee, Riverside County, in a construction project called "Shops at Scott" next to Scott Street. Since I never got the citation on my car, I requested the County of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Detail for a copy of the citation. I had to move quickly. To request the hearing, I only had 21 days, not from the date I recieved the above mentioned second letter (a request for a hearing) but from the day THEY SENT IT. By the time I got it, a few days had gone by and since the letter had to get to them by the 21st day, I had to make damn sure I got that letter off several days before the "due date" 21 days later. I sent the check via Certified Mail with the following written on it in large, capital letters: "CHECK IS BEING SENT UNDER EXTREME PROTEST. I WAS NOT AT PLACE AND TIME OF ALLEGED CITATION". It made it here in time, thank God. The citation I received in the mail had no VIN # for my car, but it did have an extremely accurate description of the color, make and model of my car, the month and year of registration, and my license plate number. How the F*** do they get that information? That is what I want them to tell me. I went online and did some research. I found out if you receive one of these tickets, you basically HAVE NO RIGHTS. I learned that 1. The only proof the Parking Bureau needs that you were at the alleged place is the parking citation itself (without the VIN number in my case); 2. The issuing "officer" (we used to call them meter maids) is NOT REQUIRED TO BE AT THE HEARING (these first 2 items actually come from the California Vehicle code if I remember correctly); 3. YOU ARE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT - You have to send the check in until you are proven innocent. If you DO NOT send the check in they can punish you severely, not by putting you in jail or making you clean the highway, but by punishing you where it hurts - in the wallet. They can put the Phony Citation on your record, and if you do not pay the citation they can have your insurance rate increased or charge you extremely high fines. I did some other research: I wanted to know who is this agency called "County of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Detail\", which occurs at the top of the letters they send you. Online this agency is called (866-561-9744 Wait on the line - someone will answer you). I called the office up and asked them what their name is, because there was some confusion in my mind making the comparison with the agency discussed in this SLAPEC site (more on this in a bit). The lady (one of many, it feels like a telemarketing operation) told me they are called: County of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureu ( THIS AGENCY TITLE IS NOT ON ANY LETTERHEADS YOU RECIEVE IN THE MAIL - They all say "County of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Detail". Now here is where my confusion is: In SLAPEC, you are referring to a CITY of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau (213-623-6533 & 818-901-7027). I did some research about the _City_ of L.A. Parking Violations Bureau, and discovered that it is a privately owned company doing business under the City of Los Angeles name. It is a Corporation called "LCD Collection Systems". So for the "City Tickets", if you think your ticket is serviced by a government, you have been misled, it is handled by a corporation. Now here is where my confusion is: What is the relationship between the _City_ of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau, and the _County_ of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau, and I still have not found an answer. They told me at "" that the two are not the same thing. Let me share with you what the letter for a hearing says: "Your request for administrative hearing on parking citation . . has been recieved. Your hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, August 18, 2011, at 11:20 a.m. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to you hearing time as persons appearing late or failing to appear will FORFEIT THE FINE and the right to pursue this matter through the civil court process. [New Paragraph] Only ONE appointment date request for reschedule will be granted. Hearing location, day and time WILL change, upon request for reschedule. Per state mandates, a person may request one continuance, however the continuance must be held within 21 days of August 18, 2011. [And in Small Type]Per C.V.C Section 40215 (b) the person requesting the hearing may request one continuance, not to exceed 21 calendar days. PLEASE SLAPEC, answer me as soon as you can with advice for the hearing, and if you can, explain to me the difference between the City and the County agencies.

Scott: 8-10-11

Got a ticket named "gridlock". They sent in mail a ticket with only the plates of the car, regardless who was driving the car at that moment. Went to a hiring with this VERY DISHONEST WOMAN , yes dishonest because she showed me a photo as a proof, the photo was taken by the red camera which she it is very aware they are considered illegal in CA, when asked her to took the photo, she said she do not know, and there she was ready to make me liable for the bogus WEST HOLLYWOOD ENTRAPMENT TICKET.

Mr. A : 1-5-12

I was given a ticket from LA Sheriff Parking for being parked at a near by park when my truck was sitting right in front of my home I read the ticket and noticed it was for being parked at a park I've never visit at a time when I was at work. I called and the local sheriff dept who over see this was very rude and would not listen to me and told me " if you don't like it don't pay it." About a year later they put up sign's not to park in front of my home on Tue. 12-4 for street sweeper these people just brush dirt from street on to side walk and even issue tickets on rainy days when there is no street sweeping including holidays when the sweeper don't come. So people get tickets for "street sweeping" when there is none. I live in La Puente/Valinda ca. On my street it's many elderly who forget and walk out at 12 just to be handed a ticket after moving there cars because the parking police seen the car there as there driving up the block so even though the car is moved before they print/write the ticket because they seen it there before the turned on our street.

Please share my story.

Manuel: 4-3-12

greetings. man, I love your site because we're going thru much othe same crap in Key West right now. recently I got an overtime parking meter ticket. I timed the meter and it gave correct amount of time so no problem there. But then I went to the city's website to look up the law and IT DOESN'T EXIST ! I'm not making this up. I've been charged with a law violation for a law that doesn't exist. talk about making things up. I go to court in late August. have you had any success in getting a class action suit going. please contact me and let's talk.

Rodd: 7-14-12

This is happening everywhere. It happened to me in Philadelphia and I've seen it happen to others in New York. I will support your efforts in any way I can. The problem is that in the case of parking tickets we are guilty until proven guilty. We need to take this to a real court with a jury.

Gerald B.: 9-13-12

Please tell me what I should do about this. $49 would buy a lot of lunches.

Take a close look at the pictures.

I got a parking ticket 4 blocks from city hall. I was in a 2 hour parking spot with no meter. Ticket said "Exceeded time limit". I was only in Long Beach for 1.5 hours total. I filled out a Parking Citation Initial Review form F-712 4 weeks ago. I told them there was no meter and I was within the allotted time limit.

They just now 4 weeks later, responded with Notice of parking violation - Upheld. It further stated "Meter needs to be paid the entire time vehicle is occupying the space during hours of enforcement". If you wish to further contest this citation you must first submit the $49.00 fine plus $25 fee to receive an administrative hearing. So what they are saying is I have to pay them $74 so they can tell me to my face that they are above the law and there was a meter somewhere.

Google it at " 248 west third st Long Beach CA". I was parked in the spot #6 and would send you pictures showing how my car did not have a meter next to it.

Dave: 9-26-12

What meter?

No meter here
No meter here.
2 hour parking
Parked 1 1/2 hours in a 2 hour space.


I paid the $49 fine but not the $25 (2nd extortion attempt) to hear them tell me they are above the law.

Sadly. I already know that.

David: 12-5-12

You are spot on regarding the fradulent practices of parking enforcement agencies across the state of California. Community college parking enforcement agencies are issuing fradulent citations also. I am working on a case involving the Mt San Jacinto College in Riverside County and the vehicle owner a resident of Northern California whose vehicle was NEVER parked at the college was issued a citation by mail by the college.

I have contacted CHP, public officials, AAA, CA DMV Investigators and refuse to accept that the parking enforcement agencies in our state can issue these tickets without any recourse for the consumer.

The article I wrote today on the topic is on my web site here

Alexis M.: 12-13-12

If you decide to start a petition or if you know of one that would be useful to lobby to end this madness by getting some legislation on the books to protect consumers let me know.

I am also open to joining others in pursuing this matter further legally. I think there are some due process issues that could be argued on the federal level, so if you know an attorney pursuing any cases against the county or agencies involved in issuing these fraudulent citations I would like to know.

I wrote about it on my blog a couple a months ago and know of at least 20 people in different states that this is happening to and I am sure there are many more.


Alexis M.: 2-4-13

On November 18th I purchased my deceased Grandmother's car from Arizona. After two days of having the car and not being able to immediately register the car in the state of CA, I received a ticket for having expired tags. The citation stated that the tags expired in August 2012. The license plate had two stickers on it showing that the tags expired in December of 2012. I have pictures of the license plate with the citation and the original renewal notice from Arizona stating the the renewal date is in December. I have since registered the car in California so I don\'t have the previous plates and registration, but I have plenty of proof of them writing a bogus ticket. If you would like the picture and the scan of the citation along with the renewal notice I can gladly send it to you. Even though it\'s only a $25 ticket I\'m fighting this to the end. I won\'t stand for extortion from the city. This also really hurts tourism and the residents. I don't see how people can live in a city this corrupt.


Barry B: 12-14-12

No worries. I know how you feel.

Here's what happened to me:

My Grandmother passed away last year and left her car to me. On November 17th, 2012 I picked up the car from Arizona and drove it back to my home in California. On November 21st, 2012 I had an appointment with the California DMV to register my vehicle in the state of California. Before my appointment I was parked in the 3rd Street Promenade parking structure and I received a citation which claimed that I had expired tags. The officer wrote that my tags expired in August of 2012, but the license plate clearly showed that the tags expired in December of 2012. After sending in all of my evidence for an initial review, I receive a letter that the citation is still valid and that I was required to pay the fine. I have since requested a hearing in person to contest the citation and I am waiting for a court date.

Upon receiving the citation I had to go my appointment with the DMV to register the vehicle and I was required to surrender the license plate and registration. I do not have a copy of the previous registration, but I do have the evidence which you will find below:

Parking citation

Picture of citation next to license plate at the time of issuing

A copy of the registration renewal notice for the car showing the tags needed to be renewed by December 15, 2012

An overview of all of the evidence

A letter from the parking violations bureau claiming that I need to pay the fine and request a hearing

This is all indisputable evidence and I cannot comprehend how it has made it this far. I really have to go to court over this. I have some friends in similar situations and I have also found other people like me who are willing to fight this. We are trying to rally up people with hard evidence to make a documentary on this. I am a professional video editor and I have other people who are in the entertainment industry who would like to participate, so if you're interested, let me know and we can all work together. It seems like this is an battle that we can't win, but it's worth a shot. Have you seen this article posted by LA Weekly?

Thanks for your help,
Barry B

Barry B.: 1-24-13

I got Two worng citation tickets issued to my two car. My first car didnt travel to San Fransicisco but ticket was on my car bySFMTA for $83.00 saying vehicle was driven away before officer was able to attach citation. This is complete lie because my car was in los angeles, i was working here, never traveled there.

I got another notice of delinquent parking violation to my2nd car by LA CITY PARKING.I was in long beach that day, the whole day. I didnt get the citation tickets info by mail but the only letter it came is the NOTICE OF DELINQUENT PARKING VIOLATION to extort me for $93.00.

This is naked corruption.

Karki: 3-13-13

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