Stop Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Corruption

Revenge Tickets

What is a revenge ticket? Simply put, it's when a Parking Enforcement officer issues a bogus parking citation to a driver who has the courage to argue or challenge an officer who is writing a bogus citation. These citations are written after the victim has left the scene and mailed to the victim. The officer may acquiesce or tear up the tickets, but then reissues the citation later. SLAPEC has had reports of Parking Enforcement officers following pedestrians who confronted them, trying to get the information on the pedestrian's vehicle so he/she can write revenge ticket.

If this happens to you, at the time, note the name and ID number of the officer and license and other ID on the Parking Enforcement car he/she is driving. Note time and place. If you then get a revenge ticket, see if the names match. Whether the names match or not, file a criminal complaint against the officer or officers involved. Don't hesitate to call 911 and report a crime in progress. If you get a revenge tickets and didn't note the info at the time, still file a criminal complaint

Revenge tickets are fraud and the officer can and deserves to go to Federal prison. They attacked you, don't be nice. Put them in jail.

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