Stop Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Corruption

BEWARE: The "I am wrong, I'll tear up your ticket" trick.

SLAPEC has received numerous letters from people who confronted a Parking Enforcement officer in the midst of writing a citation, reasoned with the officer, and the officer tore up the ticket. These people later received a delinquent notice with a larger fine. The officer didn't tear up his copy or wrote a new one after the driver left.

Be carful:

  1. The officer can't stop writing a ticket once he starts.
  2. An officer can't turn in a ticket torn in half.
  3. An officer can't turn in a book with missing pages.

The officer might tear up YOUR copy, but then turn in HIS copy, and you get a delinquent notice and a larger fine. Or he might just write you a new one later. It means nothing if an officer tears up your copy - any driver can tear up his own ticket.

If this happens, make sure that the officer has:

  1. Written on ALL copies that the driver is innocent.
  2. X out ALL copies of entire citation.
  3. Signed his name.
  4. Keep your copy forever in case he writes you a bogus citation later. (See link)

If the officer refuses to do this, it is because he has no real intention of tearing up his copy. You will get a delinquent citation anyway and it will cost you more. You are better off fighting the original citation than a delinquent citation later. You will get the citation either way.

Remember, there is no honor among thieves.

Only by standing together and demanding reform will the illegal actions of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement end.

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